Soaking up the sun

Sorry about no post yesterday. I swear the internet gods hate me. I suffered through no ‘net at work for three days. Then yesterday we got it, but I had a huge presentation to give, so couldn’t play on it…lol.

Last night by the time I got home, I had a migraine…one where if you move your head just an inch, you feel like you’re going to throw up. Not only that, but my ‘net was out at home as well. It’s a conspiracy…that’s all I have to say.

I curled up on my couch and watched basketball and hockey. So no writing got done last night…though I did think about NGH for a little bit. I know where I’m going with it next. Hopefully I’ll get a lot written this weekend. And the ‘net problem should be fixed today or so my partner tells me. 🙂

Enjoy the day and my biker man…lol

11 Responses “Soaking up the sun”

  1. Richard_fan says:

    I’ve had those. but only on days where I haven’t eaten enough.
    I know this reply is way late…. I only just found about your blog today. 🙂
    all I do when I have that happen is lay down, and not move a muscle, sleep if possible.

  2. T.A.Chase says:

    Yikes! all I can say is I hope this one didn’t manage to have kids before he did it. Hate to have those kind of genes wandering around the world.

  3. Jenna Howard says:

    Good compromise. Gooooooood compromise.

    Isn’t there a Darwin Awards story about a couple of kids who were drunk or stoned and were playing with a chainsaw? One hot shot went “Watch this!” And cut off his arm. Another said “Well…watch this!” And lopped off his foot and the third went “Wait…wait. Beat this!” And then lopped off his head. Slick.

  4. T.A.Chase says:

    lol…I’m thought of chopping my head off at times when I get them, but it’s so hard to reattach I just take good drugs and try not to die until it goes away.

    See…I figured this man was a good compromise between those who like a little to no hair and those who like lots of hair. 🙂

  5. Jenna Howard says:

    See…now that’s the kind of hairy chest this girl can appreciate. A treasure trail worth licking without getting a hairball. Look at him…waiting for me to molest his fine self.

    Sorry about the migraine, babe. I’ve started getting them this past year. It blindsided me (bad pun) because I never saw it coming. Never had a migraine and then…blam! I wanted to die. DIE!!!! Dark and a cold compress seem to work for me but I’m sure hacking off my head with a chainsaw would work too but it’s so much more permanent.

  6. T.A.Chase says:

    Kate…I get one of these headaches a few times every year. So I usually just curl up on the couch and let other people wait on me…lol

    Motorcycle man is doing fine. He and Lyva are sharing another bottle of wine…maybe both their pants will fall

  7. T.A.Chase says:

    Thanks Paige.

    I thought he looked pretty good when I found him lounging in my driveway this morning…lol (Oh wait. That was a dream..darn it)

  8. Kate Lang says:

    Ugh. I tried posting but blogger has a hate on for me today.

    I hate migraines. I can feel mine building from the moment I open my eyes in the morning. I’ve learned that drugs are my friend.

    And helllllooooo Mr. Loungy-Motorcyle-Dude. How you doin’?

  9. Paige Burns says:

    I hate those kinds of headaches. Sorry babe. Nice candy.

  10. T.A.Chase says:

    I’m definitely feeling better, Sherrill..thanks. You’re right..not being able to check my favorite blogs or email probably triggered the 🙂

    I plan on having a non-eventful weekend..if I

    Hope your weekend is great.

  11. Sherrill Quinn says:

    Nice pic, T.A. Hope you’re feeling better today–migraine’s all gone, and no Internet issues. The withdrawal from the Internet probably triggered the headache. LOL

    Have a good weekend!

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