Poetry Train

I’m not feeling very poetic today…lol. I thought I’d let you read the blurb and a small excerpt from a series I’ve done a little work on. It’s not ready to be published or anything. Just been writing on it when I get inspiration, but I think it could be a fun one.

The series is called Sweet & Sinister Confectioners and here’s the blurb for the series:

If you were to ask the locals in Salem, Massachusetts how long the Sweet & Sinister Confectioners shop has been there, most will tell you it’s been there for at least a hundred years. They tell stories of going there with their grandparents and picking out treats for Valentine’s Day or Halloween. They tell you memories passed down from their great-grandparents about the shop and how it’s always been run by members of the Sweet and Sinister families. They’ll say what an old dear Sylvanus Sweet is and how Cyrus Sinister has been a devoted partner to Sylvanus for over fifty years.

But if you happen to run into a local who believes in magic, they’ll give you a sly wink and tell you there’s something special about the candy and candles those two men sell. If you’re attuned to the things that go on unnoticed in the world, you’ll feel the power filling the air from the moment you step foot into the shop.

For Sweet & Sinister Confectioners is more than just a candy store. Magic and dreams are created there for all who enter with a pure heart and believe.

And here’s the excerpt from the first book, Love Delivered:

The tinkling of the bell brought Sylvanus from the back of the shop. He knew the sound annoyed Cyrus, but the bell hung over the door to catch Sylvanus’ attention and let him know he had a customer. Both he and Cyrus tended to get caught up in their pet projects.

Cyrus love, we have a customer. He sent a thought towards Cyrus’ side of the store.
He’s looking for something sweet, Sylvanus. Wait on him. I’m finishing something back here. I’ll be out in a moment.
Cyrus’ thoughts were distracted, but Syl trusted him to have read the emotions of the newcomer correctly. He moved on silent feet to the end aisle and stood in the shadows, observing the young man who had come into the shop.

The man was in his thirties. A professional corporate man dressed in suit and tie. His blond hair was perfectly styled. An impeccable image of the American dream of a successful life, yet Syl could tell the man wasn’t happy. Syl moved and the man glanced up, his green eyes widening at the sight of Syl.

“Hello. My name is Sylvanus and welcome to Sweet and Sinister Confectioners. How may I help you?”

“I’m Terrance Bernslip. I’m not sure what I came in to find. I don’t eat chocolate.” Terrance’s handshake was firm.

“But your boyfriend does.” Syl slipped his arm through Terrance’s and lead him away from the white chocolate aisle.

“Yes, he does, but he’s not my boyfriend anymore. Decided he wanted someone more fun than I am.” Terrance shook his head. “Sorry. Haven’t gotten over him yet. How did you know it was a boyfriend?”

Syl pointed to the discrete rainbow sun-catcher in the candy shop window. “We have matching rainbows.”

Terrance fingered his rainbow tiepin. “So we do.”

“Your ex thought you were boring and no fun.” Syl tilted his head and studied Terrance. “Do you want to prove him wrong and get him back?”

Terrance shook his head without hesitation. “I’m still a little hurt about the break up, but I’ll get over it. I don’t need to prove anything. I like to have fun. I just like to have it privately, not in clubs every night or at parties.”

Syl ran a finger along Terrance’s chin. “Ah, you are much like my Cyrus. You seem boring and dull to others, but in private with the one you love, you are all fire and passion.”

Terrance’s cheeks turned red, but he nodded. “I’d like to think so.”

Syl patted Terrance’s cheek. “I know you are. I’m an expert on passion. So whom would the chocolates be for? Do you have your eye on a handsome stud at work? Maybe you can be a secret admirer. St. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon.”

“No potential boyfriend. I’ve just started wanting to look again.” Terrance looked confused.

Syl could tell the man was wondering why he was telling Syl all of this. He smiled. He tried to make every customer feel comfortable, as if they were coming to a friend’s house.

“Yes. When your heart is hurt, it takes a while for you to heal and be willing to risk loving again. So who would you like to send chocolates to?”

“My friend, Scott. He’s been letting me cry on his shoulder even though he just lost his partner to a heart attack.” Terrance shrugged. “I want to get him something to show him how much I appreciate his support.”

“Oh that poor man. I want to meet him. Please bring him back to see me.” Syl lead Terrance to the aisle where the chocolate dipped strawberries were. “I think your friend likes decadent and expensive things. Am I right?”

“Mike, Scott’s partner, and I used to tease Scott about being a princess.” Terrance laughed.

“Now everyone deserves to treat themselves once in a while. What I suggest is a basket with strawberries, champagne, candles and some bath oils. I’d be willing to put one together for you and it can be delivered tomorrow, if you wished.” Syl plucked a strawberry from the platter and held it out for Terrance to taste.

Terrance’s white teeth flashed as he bit into the fruit. A soft moan echoed through the store.

Got another one, love. Cyrus’ dark voice vibrated in Syl’s head.

It’s the ingredients you add to the chocolate. Syl praised his lover.

Cyrus laughed. Nevertheless, you put the joy in it, love and that’s what makes our sweets special.

“Do you think your friend would like these?” Syl popped the rest of the strawberry in his own mouth.

“Scott will love it. Can you make up a basket for me? I don’t care how much it costs.” Terrance picked up a box of chocolate-covered cherries. “I’ll take a box of these for myself.”

“Sylvanus loves to hear those words. I’ve accused him of being a bit of a princess himself.” Cyrus’ arms slid around Syl’s waist and pulled him tight against his lover’s hard chest.

Terrance’s eyes widened and Syl caught the flicker of fear in them. Cyrus tended to do that to people. “Cy, stop teasing Terrance.” Syl leaned back, trusting in Cyrus to support him.

“I wasn’t teasing him. I was merely stating the truth. Telling Sylvanus that money is no object is tantamount to opening the vault at a jewelry store and telling a thief to take all that he wants. My love has very good taste.” Cyrus brushed Syl’s hair out of the way and nuzzled his neck.

“It’s obvious he does. He’s your lover.” Terrance looked surprised. It was apparent that he didn’t mean to say that thought aloud.

He’s a good man, Cyrus. Syl reached out and took Terrance’s hand. He brought the younger man closer to him. Without breaking Cyrus’ hold around his waist, Syl leaned in and brushed a gentle kiss over Terrance’s mouth.

Those beautiful green eyes blinked, but Terrance didn’t pull away. When the kiss was over, Syl pointed to the cherries. “That’s a gift from Cy and me. I’ll make sure Scott’s basket is beautiful. Do you have a business card so I can call you with the total cost?”

Syl took the card Terrance held out to him. He moved off towards the back of the store. “I want to get started on your basket right away. Cy, can you show him out?”


Cyrus smiled as his lover disappeared into the back. Terrance had a shell-shocked expression on his face. He didn’t protest as Cyrus took his arm and started to escort him to the front door.

“Sylvanus is a bit like a butterfly. Bright, beautiful and tends to flit from one project to another. However, don’t worry. When he focuses that awesome mind of his, he can do magical things.”
He opened the door, allowing Terrance to leave. Terrance turned and smiled at him.

“Thank you for everything.” Terrance shook Cyrus’ hand.

“You’re welcome, young man.” Cyrus’ dark eyes gleamed. “Don’t worry about your broken heart. I think this St. Valentine’s Day will be special for you.”

“I hope so, Mr. Sinister.” Terrance gave a wave and headed down the street.

Cyrus went back inside and made his way to the workroom where Sylvanus moved around, humming a lively song under his breathe. Cyrus leaned on the doorframe and watched his lover work. For all the centuries they’d been together, Cyrus never got tired of looking at Sylvanus.

“So which man do you have in mind for our young businessman?” He asked, moving to capture Sylvanus in his arms.

Sylvanus wrapped his thin arms around Cyrus’ neck. “Our pretty delivery boy will work nicely, I think.”

Cyrus grunted. He trusted his lover’s instincts when it came to matchmaking. It was time for them to do a little making love.
c. 2008 T.A. Chase

13 Responses “Poetry Train”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just finished reading the excerpt and I agree with everyone else. I just wanted to keep reading. Just wonderful characters.

  2. T.A.Chase says:

    Hey everyone,

    Now this book is maybe a quarter of the way finished. It had to be put aside to finish up some other series that I have going. As soon as one of those series is complete, I’ll be picking this one back up again. The picture doesn’t represent what Syl and Cy look like, but more the emotion between the two…imo. 🙂

  3. raven says:

    I agree with everyone not only do I want to buy this book but that you are a tease. I hope this is almost finish.

  4. Yvonne says:

    TA- I have to have this one! It looks like it will be great!

  5. Gina, Book Dragon says:

    I’m ready to buy this one!

  6. Lisa Andel says:

    Great picture. 🙂

  7. loopdlu says:

    ooooh, TA youre such a tease, darn it. just enough to get us hooked. any chance this could be the next blog story? 😀 hey, a girl can hope cant she? 😛

  8. Kota says:

    oooooh – very very nice, TA!
    btw – read Home of his Own recently and it was quite simply wonderful.

  9. Christina says:

    I agree with everyone else. I love it and I want to buy the book. Can we have another excerpt sometime?

  10. Jambrea says:

    I totally agree with Melissa! I want this book! It sounds yummy! I hope you are CLOSE to finishing it. 🙂

  11. Melissa Bradley says:

    I absolutely love it! I want to go buy this right now. TA, you are such a tease…you create these amazing stories, give us a taste and then say “it’s just something I’ve done a little work on…not ready to be published or anything.” I wish you would win the lottery so you didn’t have to worry about a day job. lol

    Have a great day!

  12. Joy Roett says:

    Looks ready to me. I’m ready to go out and buy the book!

    Love the pic.

    Have a great Monday, TA

  13. psy-harlot says:


    more, more, more

    it’s how I feel about chocolate and Syl and Cy


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