Pimping Friday…

First one up is Seti’s Heart by Kiernan Kelly. I haven’t read this one yet, but it sounds really good. 🙂 Check the blurb out here. I also like the cover.

The second one is The Good Thief by James Buchanan. I read this this week and enjoyed it. Check this out here. Another great cover as well.

I also read Devil’s Fire by Sara Bell. I’ve read other books by Sara and enjoyed all of them. This one was no exception. Interesting cover. Click here to read the blurb.

Just to let everyone know…I’m working on the blurb for the next blog story. I’ll be posting it soon to see if you’d like to read the story. It’s an idea that struck me one night and I’ve written a little bit on it all ready.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

One Response “Pimping Friday…”

  1. Yvonne says:

    I really enjoyed Devil’s Fire. I’m not sure about Thief, I’ll read it again.
    Seti’s Heart I just downloaded so I plan on reading it this weekend.

    Have a great one


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