Pimping Books…

So I’m really just pimping one particular book today. I haven’t read anything else by Jodi Payne. I did read Founder yesterday and enjoyed it. If anyone else has read anything by this author, maybe you can let us know what you thought about her stuff. 🙂

I also read Drew Zachary’s second installment in his Jerhico Jones Chaser series at Torquere. I’m enjoying both heroes.

Oh and guess what? Ms. Stephanie Vaughan, whose books I pimped last Friday, was gracious enough to give me a sneak peek of her second Off World book. Let me tell you, you don’t want to miss it. If you enjoyed the first book, definitely pick up the second. Which will be available August 22nd. woo-hoo! I’ll remind you all when we get closer to that date.

Hmm…what else? I’ve been hard at work on several books. I should really focus on just one, but I’m getting inspired to work on at least four different books at once. Ugh! lol

Well, have a nice Friday. 🙂

5 Responses “Pimping Books…”

  1. Gina, Book Dragon says:

    Submission is just that. A book about the D/s lifestyle. Not for everyone but I loved it and the following two.

    Rough Draft was great. Old friends exchanging letters & then some!

    I’ve read all of her m/m stories more than once.

  2. Elisa says:

    I have both Jodi Payne and Drew Zachary’s books. Yet to read it. To many books this week!!! BTW Of Jodi Payne I have read Submission and Rough Draft, both written in tandem with Chris Owen. I highly reccomend Rough Draft, it’s a wonderful reading. elisa

  3. Yvonne says:

    TA you are scary-lol. I have been looking at Founder trying to decide if I wanted to buy it. You’ve helped make up my mind. Thanks

  4. Gina, Book Dragon says:

    Good Morning,

    This was so weird, I open up your blog and was confused because I’ve got Founder on mine! (ginamarina.blogspot.com) It shouldn’t have, I’ve got two entries on top of it.

    On Jodi’s website: Out of 7 gay stories plus one to finish a series, I’ve read 6 plus plan on purchasing the last of the series. Out of 5 Lesbian stories, I’ve read 1 – go figure.

    Thanks for letting us know when Off World 2 comes out!

    Once again, you like what I like because I’ve also read the second installment of the Jerhico Jones Chaser series.

    This must be why I like your books so much. 🙂 Speaking of books, I only want you to focus on one so it will get to my house faster 😉 but as long as you’re writing…

    Have a great day!

  5. sylvie says:

    Hey, you’re always pimping either books that I already have or books that are on my “to buy” list…
    Je Jodi Payne’s one is on the latest. I’ve read the Jericho Jones and I planned to buy the Off world as soon as it will be released.

    Now I’m back to reading and waiting for the next installement of the Vanguard.

    Have a great friday

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