Hunk Day, anyone?

This guy reminds me of one of my characters in one of the zillion stories I’m workig on. He’s an undercover officer with the A.S.P.C.A. (my character, not this guy..though I guess he could be..lmao..don’t know.)

Okay, today started out much better than yesterday. That’s always a plus…lol. I have my flash drive, so I can sneak in writing time at work. 😉 Though I might sneak in some reading time. I downloaded Jordan Castillo Price’s newest book, Hemovore (out yesterday at Samhain) and I meant to read it last night, but friends and dinner distracted me. But I will get it read tonight, if not sooner.

Oh, plus Dana Marie Bell has a new one out as well… Dare to Believe…that looks awesome. That’s on my list to grab and read this weekend.

Writing is going well. My brain doesn’t seem to want to focus on one particular story, so I’m working on a bunch of them, hoping one will grab me and force me to finish it. We’ll see what happens over the next month or so. Maybe once summer is done, I’ll knuckle down and get at least one story finished…lol

Hope you all have a great day.

4 Responses “Hunk Day, anyone?”

  1. Firecat says:

    Nice hunk, he's so sparkly! 🙂

    Glad you're having a good day, TA.

  2. Jambrea says:

    I'm VERY happy your day is going better today! 🙂

    I'm hoping a certain marine makes you finish his story. 😉

    Have a great Wed.

    You did inspire to write a short in first person, so thank you! 😀

  3. Rhonda says:

    TA, glad things are better today.

    Have a wonderful day and I hope Max and Derek grab you and force you to finish their story…lol

  4. Blaidd-Drwg says:

    Mmmmm he does look lovely! Though my view is not too bad either 😉

    There are so many new good books out there and I hardly can keep up with it. Especially because I also got a batch of hunky Atlantean warriors!

    Good luck with all the writing! 🙂

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