Happy Hunk Day

Happy Hump (or Hunk) Day, everyone.

If you traveling today or tomorrow for that matter, have a safe trip and enjoy the holiday. Eat lots of food…lol. but don’t forget to be thankful for what you have as well. 🙂

I plan on doing a bunch of writing this weekend…since I have a four day weekend coming up. Need to finish my St. Patrick’s story and the next Home story because I have four guys in my head, jumping up and down, begging for their stories to be told. I had to promise that they would be next if they’d just let me finish these two…lol. They weren’t happy, but I managed to placate them enough that they’ve back off a little. (And doesn’t that make me sound crazy…lol)

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Oh and there will be an installment of Nick of Time posted tomorrow. 🙂

6 Responses “Happy Hunk Day”

  1. Kristie~ says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I will definately be sneaking on for NOT.
    Good luck with the writing.

  2. melanie marshall says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your 4-day weekend.

  3. Melissa Bradley says:

    Yay, more NoT tomorrow.:)

    Good luck with all the writing. I plan on doing a boatload myself.

    Take care and enjoy the time.

  4. Sabrina says:

    Now that is one more reason to be thankful…more T.A for the holiday!

  5. Jambrea says:

    Have a great Thanksgiving and good luck with the writing! 🙂

    And you don’t sound crazy at all. lol

  6. Misti says:

    Just the reason I need to sneak online tomorrow! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving TA.

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