First Review-Romance Junkies

I was going to post the graphic that said No Going Home got 4.5 ribbons from Romance Junkies, but again Blogger isn’t playing nice first thing this morning. Oh well.

Yay! My first review is in and I’m thrilled to say the least. Chrissy Dionne gave NGH 4.5 ribbons and had this to say about my cowboys:

“No Going Home is an awesome gay love story that goes far beyond just the growing relationship between Les and Randy….will touch the heart of readers while installing a sense of awe for everything these men endure.”

Thanks so much, Chrissy. The review won’t go up until around the 7th, but I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek. As soon as it’s live, I’ll post the link for it and you can read the rest of the great review.

I have to admit, I’ve overwhelmed and humbled by the response I’ve gotten from readers about No Going Home. This story wasn’t the first one I finished. That one, Here Be Dragons, will be out at the beginning of Sept. (Keeping my fingers crossed). But NGH is the one I started working on first when I decided to try my hand at writing a ‘real’ book. (not just starting and never finishing any). So this one will be special to me for some many reasons.

I just want to thank everyone-those who are vocal in their support and those of you who support me without saying a word. It means all the world to me. πŸ™‚

9 Responses “First Review-Romance Junkies”

  1. T.A.Chase says:

    Thanks, SW. πŸ™‚

  2. S. W. Vaughn says:


    Many many congrats, T.A.!

  3. Jenna Howard says:

    Still dancing!!


    (that’s a not so raunchy girl kiss… just for you baby!)

  4. T.A.Chase says:

    Jenna…I’m dancing with you. πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  5. T.A.Chase says:


    I hope it’s the first of many good ones. lol. I was nervous to see what reviewers had to say since I’ve gotten a lot of comments from readers about liking it. πŸ™‚

    Now I have pressure to keep up the good

  6. T.A.Chase says:

    Thanks Caye. I’m excited to be able to go to Romance Junkies site and see it up there (when it gets put up.) πŸ™‚

  7. Jenna Howard says:

    Whoot! *dances around office*

    Well deserved.

  8. Sherrill Quinn says:

    Congratulations, T.A.! What a terrific first review, although I never doubted you’d get such great ones. I’m sure RJ’s is just the first of many!! πŸ™‚

  9. Celia Kyle says:

    Congratulations TA, I can’t wait to read the full review!

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