Firebird- Part Twenty-Five

Firebird copyright (c) 2006 TA Chase

Part Twenty-Five:

Rue wanted nothing, but to keep kissing Vlatko. He knew that the dark man was distracting him from his goal, but he couldn’t make the effort to care. There was something in the way Vlatko touched him as if he were the rarest Venuvian crystal. He pulled back and tugged off his shirt. He made short work of Vlatko’s as well. They gasped as their skin pressed against each other. It was like electricity ran between them.

He moaned into Vlatko’s mouth. His body shivered as Vlatko’s calloused fingers ran over his spine and down over the swell of his ass to grasp his thighs, pulling him closer still. Their erections rubbed on each other through their pants. Rue wanted to feel Vlatko’s cock brushing his, but he didn’t want to lose touch with the man himself. So he continued to rub, rock, kiss and touch, building the pleasure between them until it exploded.

Rue cried out as his back arched and he flooded the front of his pants with cum. Vlatko grunted, holding him tight as the man’s climax raced through him. He slumped, counting on Vlatko’s strength to hold him.

“Why?” Vlatko’s question was soft as if the man didn’t want to ask it, but couldn’t help it.

“Why what?” Rue’s brain wasn’t functioning properly at the moment.

“Why are you still here?” Vlatko pushed up from the chair, carrying Rue with an ease the thief had never encountered before. They moved from the living chamber to the bedchamber where Vlatko set him down on his feet and then kneeled to start undressing him.

Rue stared down at the dark braids cascading around the man’s shoulders. He caressed them, playing with the bells and ribbons Vlatko used to decorate them. His hand rested on the broad shoulder as Vlatko untied his boots and tugged them off. His pants were next and he grimaced at the cool stickiness of his cum drying in the warm air. His breathing paused as Vlatko leaned forward and licked him clean.

His heart stopped for a second as he saw the dark head resting next to his pale skin. Rue cradled that strong chin in his hand and lifted it so that he could gaze into Vlatko’s eyes. There was a hint of vulnerability in the black depths he didn’t remember seeing before. Until that moment, he hadn’t realized how strong and wide the walls were that surrounded the killer’s heart.

Vlatko frowned and Rue remembered the question. Why was he still there? He knew how to work the telecommunicater. Vlatko had let him use it to contact Sysu so his accountant knew he wasn’t dead yet and make off with all his money. There had been a few days when Vlatko had left him alone. He could have requested Sysu send a transport and been out of there before Vlatko came back. He tried telling himself it was because he hadn’t found the files yet and he hated leaving before a job was done.

“Maybe I like it here. No need to hide. No worries about someone hunting me. My very own bodyguard who takes his job very seriously.” He ran a thumb over Vlatko’s bottom lip.

Something flashed in Vlatko’s eyes and then the man grinned. “Maybe it’s because you want to figure out where I hid the files. Can’t let the rumors start that the best thief in the universe failed to steal something.”

Vlatko climbed to his feet and stripped quickly. Placing a hand at the small of Rue’s back, he escorted him into the shower. Rue flinched as the hot water plunged down, drenching him. Then Vlatko adjusted the shower heads and moved so that his large body took the brunt of the water.

Rue arched into the soapy hands massaging his back. “You might be right. My reputation would be shot if someone found out that I couldn’t steal those files.”

His voice said the words, but his heart knew better. He stayed because of the man taking care of him with such gentle attention. He stayed because for the first time in his life, Rue had found someone he needed more than the next adrenaline fix. Someone who touched his heart as well as his body.

4 Responses “Firebird- Part Twenty-Five”

  1. T.A.Chase says:

    Thanks, Paige. I was a little wowed by Rue’s thoughts in this scene. 🙂 I didn’t think he had it in him to care about anyone like he does Vlatko.

  2. Paige Burns says:

    wow, just wow.

  3. T.A.Chase says:

    yes, he has Yvonne. He still has a big decision to make, but I think we’ll be happy with what he does. 🙂

  4. Yvonne says:

    It looks like Rue has finally found something larger than himself. It is wonderful to see this side of him emerge.

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