Firebird-Part Five

Firebird copyright (c) 2006 T.A. Chase

Part Five-

Shit! Rue’d never been this full before. Vlatko’s cock was buried deep in his ass.
He took another deep breath and braced his hands on the wall again. “Move,” he ordered as he pushed down.

Vlatko laughed. “So demanding.”

Rue didn’t think the man was complaining. “Damn right. Now fuck me already.”

“Yes, sir.” Vlatko pulled out and then slammed back in. The blunt head of his cock bumped Rue’s gland as it went by.

“There. Again.” He rocked his hips in time with Vlatko’s thrusts. He planted his feet on the cot, tilting his ass at a better angle for Vlatko to fuck him deeper.

The big man leaned forward, kissing Rue and giving Rue’s cock a hard stomach to rub against. Rue had been surprised by the first kiss Vlatko had given him. He had demanded one earlier, but never expected to actually get one. Men didn’t kiss street thieves. It was a lesson he’d learned when he was younger and selling his body was the only option to survival.

Vlatko didn’t seem to have a problem kissing. In fact, he did it so well that Rue found himself on the edge. In fact, the combination of tongue in his mouth, hard abs rubbing on his shaft and Vlatko’s thick cock pegging his gland with each thrust drove him right into the fastest climax he’d ever had.

“Fuck,” he groaned as his come shot from his cock. Lights danced in front of his eyes. His back arched and his inner muscles clamped down on Vlatko.

Vlatko grunted and shoved his shaft hard into Rue. The thief felt the throbbing of the thick rod as moist heat spilled from the man and filled Rue’s ass.

“I’m screwed,” Vlatko mumbled as the big man pulled out and collapsed at Rue’s side.

Rue stretched, testing his muscles to make sure nothing had been hurt. A pleasant ache filled his body and his ass gave a spasm of lingering passion. “I think I’m the one who got screwed.” He smiled as he snuggled close to Vlatko’s body.

His lover reached and grabbed a shirt off the floor. Rue was surprised when Vlatko cleaned him off and then himself. He’d never had anyone take care of him like that.

Vlatko settled back down, pulling him tight to that massive chest. A heavy arm wound around his waist and a large hand landed on his ass.

“Rue, don’t try to run. No transport is scheduled to land for another month. And I wasn’t kidding about the natives killing you.” Vlatko’s voice rumbled under Rue’s ear.

Rue gave running serious thought for a second or two. Then Vlatko squeezed his ass and Rue decided he’d stay with the person he knew. He wasn’t what the man planned on doing about him, but Rue figured Vlatko wasn’t going to kill him.

He put his hand on Vlatko’s chest, feeling the man’s heart beat. A stray thought dashed through his mind just before he fell asleep.

You’re safe.

6 Responses “Firebird-Part Five”

  1. Anita says:

    Yum yum yummy yum-o!!!


  2. T.A.Chase says:

    Thanks, everyone. Yep…it’s the hot excerpt. lol. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  3. Jenna Howard says:


  4. Paige Burns says:

    *fanning self* Yowza.

  5. S. W. Vaughn says:

    Oh, how sweet! I just want to hug poor Rue…

    BTW, T.A., congrats on the awesome review from Joyfully! 🙂

  6. Celia Kyle says:

    Fina-freakin-ly! Those were the longest four days of my life! You’re safe. Love It! Can’t wait for more…


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