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Here’s another excerpt from His Heart’s Home. (I’ll be coming up with a blurb soon, so everyone can know what the story’s about. I promise..lol)

Excerpt (Unedited & uncontracted):

“You wound me,” he pouted, reaching out to tug on Derek’s jeans. “I really don’t want you to get sick.”

“So wet country singers get you hot, huh?”

Derek stripped the t-shirt off first, letting the soggy fabric hit Max in the face when he dropped it.

“Only if it’s you.”

Sitting up, Max tore off his own shirt, thanking God that he wore one with snaps instead of buttons. He flung it to the side just as Derek straddled him and pushed him back.


Derek followed him down and crushed their lips together. He speared his fingers through those brown curls he loved to touch. He dueled with Derek over who would control the kiss, but when Derek bit his bottom lip hard, he yielded.

While he sucked on Derek’s tongue that got swept into to tease his, he rocked his hips up against Derek’s groin.

He tore his mouth away and swore, “Shit. I want you to fuck me.”

Derek shook his head. “Can’t. No condoms or lube.”

“Fuck. Guess maybe I need to start packing those in my saddle bags then,” he joked.

“It’s all right.”

He trailed his hands over Derek’s shoulders and down his chest to twist those nipples when Derek reared up on his knees. Devouring his lover with his gaze, he watched the man struggle to open his jeans and push the sides out of the way as his cock sprang free of its confinement. He sucked in his breath at the sight of that thick shaft. He really wanted to feel Derek riding him with it, but that would have to wait.


“Ouch.” Max rubbed his chest where Derek had pinched him. “What?”

“Help me get yours out and then we can have a little fun.”

His eyes lit up. There wouldn’t be any fucking or sucking, but there could be some jerking and rubbing. They would both be able to come and he’d be able to ride fence without causing serious injury to himself.

Fumbling together, they managed to uncover his own cock and they sighed as their heated flesh brushed against each other. He wrapped his hand around their shafts and Derek joined him, stroking hard and fast.

“Oh God,” Derek cried out.

Max pumped the way he liked it with a little twist of his palm over the heads, gathering the pre-cum pooling there. Somehow, Derek bent to kiss him without breaking their connection. He tasted the coffee and bacon the singer had for breakfast. Nibbling along Derek’s bottom lip, he trailed his kisses over the stubble-covered chin to his neck.

Derek’s head dropped back, giving him more skin to play with. He scraped his teeth over the man’s jugular and Derek jerked.

“Max, soon,” Derek warned.

“Come on, baby,” Max growled and squeezed.

“Ah,” Derek grunted as heat spilled over Max’s hand onto his stomach.

As the hot liquid washed over his cock, Max let his control go and came, adding his to the mess. Derek collapsed on him, trapping their hands and pricks between their bodies.

Wincing, Max wiggled and shimmied until their hands were free. He threaded the fingers of his clean hand through Derek’s hair and stared up into the blue sky. The strangest feeling of contentment swelled in him and he imagined that this was the most relaxed he’d been in a long time. Since he left Sydney for America, he’d been searching for elusive happiness and though he knew the relationship he had with Derek wasn’t going to end well, he would grab what he could before the singer had to go back to the real world.

12 Responses “Excerpt Monday..”

  1. Kristie~ says:

    Ugh darn it! I have been waiting for this book. I LOVE this series. Love it!!!!

  2. Susan says:

    Oh wow, I love it! Can’t wait till you get it finished. Haven’t seen any new mention of Dreaming of Dragons though, how’s it coming along??

  3. Jambrea says:

    O.M.G. I SO can’t wait until you get this finished!!!

  4. Ebook Addict says:

    I’d like to read this now pretty please:-)


  5. daisiemae says:

    You tease!:) I can’t wait to read it;)

  6. melanie says:

    I have been waiting for this book! I just love the Home series and have been dying to find out how Derek and Max get together. This is very hot!

  7. Rhonda says:

    Thanks TA, for the HOT excerpt!!!! Sure warmed things up.

  8. Firecat says:

    Thanks TA! The heat really came in handy on this cold Monday morning. I’m sitting here looking out at a snow storm.

  9. Melissa Bradley says:

    My Monday morning got a whole lot hotter. Thanks, TA, cuz it’s 29 here.

  10. jodecarlson says:

    crap…where is my iced tea?! too hot to handle. thanks TA 🙂

  11. Yvonne says:

    Dayum-That is so HOT! Blast it TA, now I have to take a cold shower.lol

  12. brooks says:

    Wow, TA, that’s really hot. Sometimes you just really don’t need a blurb. The story speaks for itself. 🙂

    Have a great Monday.

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