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Monday blues…

As some of you might have already heard, Samhain will be closing at some point this year. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes these things happen. I have five books out with them and have enjoyed my experience working with Samhain.

They’re having a huge sale going on today at Samhain, so you might want to stop by and see if they have anything you’re interested. Or you could check out the books I have there. (In case you missed any of them.)

Also, Amber Allure is having a big Leap Day sale. You might want to jump over there to check out what they have to offer. Here’s the link to my page there (in case you missed any of them)

Don’t worry. All of the books will be re-released with other publishers. And most-if not all-will be added to, so they’ll be almost like new. lol Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to buy them, especially if you already have them. (unless you wanted to or I added a lot of extra words to them. Then you might decide it’s worth getting the new version)

I’ll let you know when they’ll start being re-released and what-if anything-I added to them. Then you can make up your minds. I hope you all have a great Monday.

Samhain’s Annual Readers Choice Awards…

So on Sunday, Samhain gave out their annual Sammie awards for 2009. They’re awards given out by the readers choosing which books they liked in 2009. I’m happy to say I placed. Here’s what I got:

Readers Favorite Hero in an Ebook 2009

3. Josh Bauer Ryan Kellar Tabloid Star – T. A. Chase

5. CJ Lamont Garrett Johnson High Line-T.A. Chase

Readers Favorite Cover Art Ebook

4. High Line-T. A. Chase/ cover artist –Anne Cain

5. Tabloid Star-T. A. Chase/ cover artist-Anne Cain

Readers Choice Favorite Ebook 2009

4. Tabloid Star-T. A. Chase

5. High Line-T. A. Chase

Readers Favorite Hero in Print book 2009

2. Kasey Johnson Ingram Fletcher /CJ Lamont Garrett Johnson Playing the Game-T. A. Chase

Readers Favorite Cover Art Print book 2009

5. Playing the Game-T. A. Chase/ cover artist-Anne Cain

Readers Choice Favorite Print book 2009

Honorable Mention-Playing the Game by T. A. Chase

I’d show you all the cool graphics I got to go along with them, but I thought the eye candy would be more interesting…lol. I’m humbled that everyone liked all my guys and stories that much. 🙂

Well, I’m mostly done with Revealing the Past. I’ll probably end up adding more to it, but for now..I’m going to let it sit and I’ll work on Not Seeing is Believing to get that one finished. Then it’s on to some other stories. 🙂 No rest for the wicked, huh?

I hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Samhain news…

yep…I have another book contracted with Samhain. Just got the news yesterday that they have my signed contract in hand. (I don’t like to mention anything until the publisher has the contract. Just in case something happens…lol)

This is another cowboy story, but it has light BDSM overtones as well. I happened to finish it and sub it the week before one of the other editors at Samhain issued a call for submissions to a cowboy anthology. Oh well. This’ll work out better for me, I think. 🙂

December is the tentative release month.

Here’s the unedited blurb:

Two cowboys fall in love. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

Tyler Newsome is heading home to the Lazy N. He’s tired of the rodeo and tired of always being his charismatic twin’s shadow. It’s time he gets a life of his own and maybe the man he’s always dreamed of.

Ren Alston’s always been attracted to Tyler Newsome, but never made a move because of the mental and emotional baggage Ren carried. Ren has spent years taming his demons and gaining control in every aspect of his life. Now that Tyler’s coming home, Ren sees the younger man’s return as a sign of good things to come.

But first, they have to deal with Tyler’s twin, past indiscretions and Ren’s brothers. Will these two cowboys manage to build a strong foundation of trust and love or will their problems be too much for them?

Warning: Explicit manlove. Hot naked cowboys, caramel sauce, spanking, whipping and a new twist on the old fashioned roll in the hay.

In other news, I finished up the second Love of Sports book, High Line last night. That will get submitted to my editor at Samhain by the end of the week. Then it’s on to a new book. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.