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My new laptop

Yes, finally, we picked up my new laptop. A Sony Vaio. 🙂 It’s awesome. Bright, pretty screen. Can’t wait to watch movies on it…lol. I just used it to write on last night. The new Microsoft Word 2007 is actually cool so far. It has the word count at the bottom of the screen, so I don’t have all these different steps to take to find out how many words I’ve written.
It’s got Vista on it, but don’t ask me if it’s easier to use or anything like that…as long as it doesn’t confuse me or make me jump through hoops to get it to work..I’m happy with it. lol. Slightly technically challanged which is why I found and stayed with C. He’s my geek/hero.
I got another 2k done on Two for One (the short story I need to finish in the next week or so). At 18k, I need another 3-7k to make me happy. Hopefully, it can do that. Also, I got some more added to Firebird. I’m thinking maybe another 5 installments for the blog and then I’ll be wrapping up the extra stuff to send to one of my publishers.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great Wednesday. I know I will, playing with my laptop. 🙂