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Holiday Freebie

First big news of the day is I have a Holiday Freebie available at the Samhellion. It’s titled Four Gold Rings and features the boys from the Love of Sports series. It’s a free download, so run and grab it. Also, it kicks off Samhain’s December Holiday Freebie month. Almost every day there’ll be another free story to download and enjoy from all the marvelous Samhain authors. My story is a short goodie. 🙂

Second great news of the day is that Playing the Game is out officially, though it’s been available to pre-order for a while now. And some of you might have gotten your copies already. I know the one copy I pre-ordered from Amazon showed up on my doorstep last week. 🙂


Out of Bounds – Basketball player Kasey Johnson keeps his sexual preference out of the public eye. He thinks his secret is safe until he meets Ingram Fletcher. Gram has lusted after Kasey for over a year, but he’s been unsure if its safe to make a play. Then an impromptu kiss leaves him wondering if a relationship is possible now, and beyond March Madness. And if Kasey is ready make a fast break out of his comfort zone.

High Line – Race driver CJ Lamont’s world comes tumbling down when his ex-wife reveals the truth about his private life. As he hits rock bottom, rescue comes from an unexpected source, Garrett Johnson, Hollywood’s hottest leading man. After his twin brother falls in love, Garrett acutely feels the emptiness in his own life. He tells himself offering CJ a shoulder to lean on is only temporary. But the two men grow closer and CJ realizes he has a decision to make whether to rebuild the lie, or admit his love for Garrett.

I also signed the contract for Wishing for a Home, my next Home book…which means it’ll be out in the spring of 2010. Woot!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday.