Busy with new story

Sorry everyone. I will have the next installment up on Wednesday. I’m in the middle of trying to get a proposal done for one of my publishers and I want to get it finished tonight or as close to done as possible tonight. 🙂

But tomorrow night, I plan on working on Geeks, and hopefully get both of this week’s installments done. That way you won’t have to worry about getting a second one on Thursday. 🙂

4 Responses “Busy with new story”

  1. kiki says:

    cinderella girl it's funny but true

  2. Cinderella says:

    Well from the past readings it seems great things are afoot for you TA. Hope all had a excellent weekend. See ya'll on the morrow. KIKI too funny girlfriend. Cynthia

  3. kiki says:

    i'm like a crack head needing a fix you got me all strung out and now i cant get my high. my arm is starting to itch… o lawd help me please. i think i'll be okay until Wed. prayfor me please yall.

  4. Jambrea says:

    Thanks TA! Can't wait for the next installment. Good luck with the proposal! Woot!

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