Another weekend….

Does anyone have big plans for the weekend? I plan on doing as much writing as I can over the next three days. 🙂 Plus I have to be on the computer at 10 tomorrow to grab Kid Rock tickets. He’s coming to my town in January and I really want to see him. Woot!

I’ve been working on two different stories lately. One is a partial for one of my editors. The other is the next chapter in The Haunting of St. Xavier’s-or the bloody nun story-that Carol Lynne and I are writing together…lol. I’m at the love scene, so I have to work on that today. I want that done by tonight.

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend. Be safe and enjoy yourself. 🙂

8 Responses “Another weekend….”

  1. Heli says:

    Thanks for the Shades of Dreams!! Got it, read it, loved it!!! And Apocalyptica is from my country =) Got to see them last spring, great show.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Anonymous says:

    my plans for the weekend: a run to walmart to load up on stuff and get a copy of twilight eclipse to watch 🙂

    have a good weekend ta and here's hoping that herb gets well enuff to have fun w/ chuck real soon!

  3. bookreader54 says:

    Nothing special. Just laundry and maybe catching up on some reading unless the grandkids come over.

    TA Have a great weekend.


  4. Yvonne says:

    Nothing special, just knitting.
    Good luck with the tickets. Several years ago Sterling and I were walking in Toronto and stopped at Much Music (Canadian version of MTV) to see what the crowd was. Surprise! We got a free Kid Rock concert! It was great!


  5. Cinderella says:

    Weekend plans: work and I hope to catch up on reading. At the moment reading about Andor and Sven. Very good so far Sven is getting torshered by Castilla. UGH Meaner than hell!! Any whoo ya'll have a great weekend and see ya monday. Cynthia

  6. Araya says:

    I will be under a mound of covers with a box of tissues in one hand and cup of nyquil in the other….ugh! Tis the season!

    Hope your weekends go better than mine will! Then again its a good excuse to get the husband to clean the house so I dont mind too much! LOL


  7. Melissa Bradley says:

    Kid Rick is great! Hope you score some good seats. I just turned in a new ms and am doing a happy dance.

    I know what you mean Jambrea. If I say I will do something, it's like the Universe conspires to say "no you're not, you've got to do this instead." 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  8. Jambrea says:

    Have a great weekend!

    I'm going to say I'm doing nothing because when I say I'll write, I do nothing. Maybe this will mean I'll actually get some writing done. ROFL!

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