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Anubis copyright c. 2015 T.A. Chase

Part Forty-

Jamil grunted when a fist landed in his stomach. “Fuckers,” he panted as he bent over. “I’m fucking blindfolded. I can’t see where the hell you’re dragging me and I don’t trust you. Of course, I’m moving slow. So quit fucking hitting me.”

“Watch your mouth.” Someone said then slapped him in the back of the head. “Stay quiet or we’ll be returning you to Anubis in pieces.”

“You do realize he’s going to be pissed when he sees how you’ve treated me. There isn’t a hole far enough away or deep enough for you to hide in. You have no idea the demon you’re about to unleash.” Jamil didn’t know how he knew how Anubis was going to react. He just did. An instinct told him Anubis would rip these men apart when he found them.

There was a harsh chuckle. “Once we have the book, he won’t be able to do anything. He’ll be too busy trying to save the rest of the pathetic humans from destruction.”

“Doesn’t that mean you’ll die as well? I’m pretty sure you’re mortal just like the rest of us.” Jamil stumbled over what he assumed was a threshold since cool air hit him.

“After our boss gets the book, he’ll make us into gods and we’ll take control of this world.”

There was a rumble that sounded like agreement from the others. Jamil didn’t know how many were still with them. Four had grabbed him from the hotel, but he was pretty sure once they subdued him, they didn’t need all of the men to watch him.

He forced a laugh. “You really believe the man who hired you is going to give you that much power? You’re way dumber than I thought you were.”

Another hard punch to his side and he bit back a yell. It felt like something gave—maybe a rib or his kidney. His knees threatened to buckle and one of the men yanked on his arm to keep him upright.

“I fucking told you. Do any more damage to me and it won’t matter if you are gods or not, Anubis will rip off your heads and put them on pikes before chopping your bodies into little pieces to feed to the sharks.” Jamil really didn’t know how Anubis would kill them. He simply understood that none of them would live to tell the tale.

“You seem so sure of Anubis’ feelings for you. Maybe he was only using you to get close to the dig, so he could find the book. Did you ever think of that?”

Actually he never once considered Anubis using him to get to the artifacts. There had always been a slight reluctance to Anubis’ actions and once he explained who he had been, Jamil had been amazed he’d even agreed to come to Petra.

“He didn’t need to sleep with me to find the book. I’m sure it would’ve been far easier not to do that. I am positive that he cares for me enough not to want me hurt and to punish those who injure me.” Jamil slammed into a metal shape. “Maybe you should be a little more careful. If you kill me before you convince Anubis to give you the book, then you’ll never see it again. It’ll disappear from the earth.”

“Don’t worry, boy. Anubis has already agreed to our terms. We’re to meet up with him and he’ll give us the book for you. I must admit I’m shocked that his fellow warriors would be willing to make that deal. They hold no love for you.”

He heard a car door open then he was shoved inside. Wiggling around, Jamil managed to sit on the seat while processing what the man had said. The brothers were going to give up the book to get Jamil back. That was crazy. He wasn’t special—or important enough—to hand over a book that could destroy the world. What are they thinking? I don’t want to be responsible for the end of life as we know it.

Silence fell around him as the car was started then pulled away from wherever they’d been keeping him. Jamil wanted to talk to Anubis again, plead with him not to make the exchange. He was willing to forfeit his life if it meant keeping others safe.

It seemed like forever before the car stopped and they dragged him out by his arm. He shuffled his feet, unsure of his surroundings and not wanting to break his ankle in a pothole. It was bad enough his entire body ached from the beatings the men administrated when they kidnapped him. Any more wounds would just be adding insult to injury.

“The building is clear, sir.”

“Good. Put him in the far back room and stay with him. I want the rest of you spread around the perimeter. Keep your eyes and ears open. They are like ghosts and sneak up on you. Make sure that doesn’t happen.” The man in charge ordered.

“Yes, sir.”

Jamil was marched across the floor of some kind of warehouse, though it was only a guess by how the noises echoed around. He found himself pushed into a chair. His arms were still tied behind his back and he wore the blindfold, which annoyed the shit out of him.

No noise drifted back to whatever room they’d stuck him in. Occasionally, he could hear the man guarding him cough or shift his feet, but that was all. It was as though he were in a black hole, sucking up all the life around him.

Suddenly there was a thud in front of him then very light footsteps heading his way. He tensed, wishing he wasn’t tied up so he could defend himself. The person eased around the chair and Jamil felt the touch of cold steel against his wrists.

“These men are idiots. They know what we can do and yet they don’t search the corners or the rafters for animals.” The voice muttered near his ear while the knife sliced through the ropes holding him.

“You’re not Anubis,” Jamil whispered as he slowly brought his arms to his sides and flexed his fingers.

“No. I’m Horus and it’s my job to watch over you while the others take care of these men.” Horus tugged the blindfold off.

Jamil blinked as his eyes adjusted to the low light in the room.

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  1. Erika S. says:

    heh, they always forget to look up.

  2. josexpressions says:

    nooooo….don’t stop now! 🙂 thanks, T.A. Great excerpt.

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