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Part Thirty-Nine-

“What do we do now?”

“We give them what they want.”

They all jumped and whirled to see Sekhmet standing near the entrance to the hotel. Isis was with him, holding a book. The other four looked at each other before Anubis took a breath and asked, “Are you going to accompany us?”

“Yes.” Sekhmet shot a glance at Amun. “You and I will be talking once we take care of this problem.”

Amun nodded, seemingly resigned to being yelled at for the mistake he made. As much as Anubis wanted to blame his fellow Warrior, he knew that it could’ve happened to any of them. They might be immortal, but they weren’t infallible.

“Come. We’ll go up to your suite and wait for them to contact us. Once we get the address where we’re to drop off the book, we’ll work on trying to find Jamil.” Isis gestured toward the door.

In an instant, they were all standing in the living area of Anubis’ suite. He wandered over to the window and stared out. He knew they should be discussing what was going to happen once he got the text, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Jamil being in the hands of those psychos.

“He’ll be fine,” Bastet said quietly from where he’d moved next to Anubis. “Even if they have injured him. Once we rescue him, he’ll heal. Kellan did.”

“In my mind, I know that, but my heart is a different story,” Anubis admitted.

Bastet gripped his shoulder. “I understand. It’s how I felt when Kellan was taken. I knew he would heal eventually as long as we got to him in time. I trusted that you all would help get him back. My heart wanted to tear the men who hurt him apart and I didn’t want to wait.”

“It was different. We knew who had Kellan. We have no idea who’s taken Jamil.” He shoved his hand through his hair. “I can’t help worrying that we won’t find him in time.”


They turned to see Sekhmet standing in the middle of the room. There wasn’t any expression on his hard face and his blue eyes were cold as he stared at Anubis. His long golden blond hair was pulled back in a low ponytail down his back. It was a little odd that he was light while the rest of them were dark, but Anubis never really had the courage to ask why.

“Worrying about something you can’t change won’t help the situation. We’ll work with what we have and deal with the fallout when it comes. No one can hide from us for long. Time truly is on our side along with the favor of the gods.” Sekhmet barely blinked as he spoke.

Anubis started to say something but Bastet poked him in the side to keep him silent. At times, it didn’t pay to talk back to Sekhmet. The only one who did was Isis and he didn’t do it that often.

Before anyone could say anything else, Anubis’ phone buzzed, indicating he had a text. He tugged it out of his pocket and checked the directions. Bastet took it from him then carried it over to where Horus sat at the table with his laptop out.

“All right. How long did they give us?” Isis asked after he set the book down and strolled over to where Sekhmet was. He rested his hand on Sekhmet’s shoulder, being the only one who would risk touching him.

“We have an hour,” Thoth spoke from next to Horus. “That will give us more than enough time to scope the place out. We can figure out the best spots to stay out of sight and get in place before they show up.”

Anubis inhaled then released his tension. He needed to pay attention while the others went over what the plan was. He couldn’t get caught up in worrying about Jamil. There was nothing he could about his lover at the moment. All he could do was pray that they were able to get him away from his captors without any further injury and without giving up the book.

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