You Decide…

It’s that time again. You get to decide which story I post here as my new blog story. 🙂 I’ve got two blurbs for you. You’ve already gotten to see one..Swearing Allegiance (another fantasy) from last time and a new one…Where the Devil Dances. (which is a contemporary).

Here are the blurbs:

#1 Where the Devil Dances-

Scars aren’t always on the outside. Architect Eric Sandel is living proof of that. Surviving a terrible fire, he comes to Morley to rebuild his life. He hopes designing the new Opera House will help him bury the past.

Firefighter, David Browdie, hasn’t had much time for serious relationships. When he meets Eric at the neighborhood dog park, sparks fly and he thinks he might be ready for committment.

A demon from Eric’s past haunts him though and together, David and Eric must find a way to stop him beofre they all go up in flames.

#2 Swearing Allegiance-

When his country, Nutria, is attacked, Oleg, Prince of the North easily defeats the insane ruler. Oleg and his army march to Sangdon’s capital city to claim the throne and demand allegiance from Sangdon’s nobles and Svenson’s son. He expected some defiance, but he wasn’t expecting the stab of lust that greeted him his first night at court.

Prince Berrin’s relief at his father’s defeat is tempered by caution. He needs time to make up his mind about Oleg. When he asks for that time, the Prince of Nutria graciously gives it to him. Now he has a month to decide if the new king deserves his allegiance and that of Sangdon.

Disturbing rumors reach Oleg’s ears. Rumors that Berrin isn’t the son of the king after all. The Ancient Dark owns Berrin’s soul and will do what ever it must to protect him. Will Berrin and the magic inside him accept Oleg’s authority and his love? Or will the Nutrian Prince find himself fighting a war against a god?


So let me know which one you’d like to read and I’ll start posting installments…probably next Tuesday. I’ll need a few days to get things organized. Don’t worry, I’ll post something on Thursday..maybe an excerpt from one of the stories I’m working on. 🙂

Have a great Tuesday.

31 Responses “You Decide…”

  1. Amanda says:

    i vote for Where the Devil Dances

  2. Anonymous says:

    i vote for Devil Dances..
    firemen… love to see men in uniform.. yummmy

  3. Patty says:

    Ohhh I am in the mood for a good contempory.

    My blogger comments are actually working right now. hope you see this.


  4. zinreads says:

    You’e probably already decided, but I vote for The Devil Dances.


  5. Rhian / Crowwoman says:

    DEvil Dance!!! Pleeeeaaaaasssseeeee!
    i’ll beg.

  6. faymas says:

    The contemporary this time though I found you ended the Vanguard much too soon.

  7. Rhet says:

    I like the one about the Oleo margarine guy.

  8. maedkys says:

    I vote for Swearing Allegiance. Vanguard was, and is, good so I like to read good fantasy.

  9. Yvonne says:

    Hi,I know I’m late but I would like Devil Dances please!!!
    BTW-TotallyHOT pix today.Yum-o,lick, lick, slurp, happy dance:D

  10. Carol H. says:

    Another vote for Where the Devil Dances…can’t wait for anything your write so no one loses.

  11. T.A.Chase says:


    You’re not a total spaz. I posted #2 as a choice the last time. It was between this one or Vanguard and everyone wanted to read The Vanguard. 🙂

  12. Lila Dubois says:

    Finally got the blogger comments to work.

    I too vote devil dances, but didn’t you already write #2, or am I being a spaz?

  13. Susan Helene Gottfried says:

    Devil Dances, please. But ONLY because we just finished up a story about royalty.

  14. T.A.Chase says:

    There are a few votes for SA, so I’ll have to keep that in mind when I’m in the mood for a fantasy to work on. 🙂

    And the title of the contemporary comes from a saying, “Fire Fighters walk where the Devil dances” So I thought it would make a neat title.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Where the Devil Dances please…

  16. josef says:

    I have to vote for Swearing Allegiance. Oleg, Berrin, and the Ancient Dark sound fascinating.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Where the Devil Dances sounds good to me.

    Firemen and architects…yummm…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Tay, I have to go with the majority – Where the Devil Dances.

  19. tay says:

    I’m obviously outnumbered, but I’m going to vote for Swearing Allegiance anyway. 😀 Love a good fantasy and you do them so well!

  20. Lisa C. says:

    Where The Devil Dances since you just did a fantasy.

  21. Robin says:

    Where The Devil Dances please! You gotta love a fireman 🙂

  22. T.A.Chase says:

    thanks, everyone. I appreciate the feed back. 🙂 I’m trying to imagine what kind of cover Anne could do for Where the Devil Dances. 😉

  23. Elisa says:

    I like #1 Where the Devil Dances.

  24. Aharpy says:

    There is just something about a man in uniform mmmm…!
    Where the Devil Dances

  25. Anonymous says:

    my vote is for Where the Devil Dances

  26. Annie says:

    dayum, tough choice…tho, i’m with the consensus here, and want Where the Devil Dances, as well.

  27. T.A.Chase says:

    I’ll be honest and say I’m leaning towards the contemp. as well. Just for something different. 🙂 It seems like I’ll be hitting all the genres in my blog stories eventually. 🙂

  28. Carrie says:

    Okay i’m jumping on the contempory bandwagon and voting for “Where the Devil Dances”….firemen, mysterious past….what more could you ask for:)

  29. sylvie says:


    I also vote for the comtemporary story “Where the Devil Dances”.

    Thank you for giving us the choice.

    Have a great day

  30. Gina, Book Dragon says:

    I’m voting for “Where the Devil Dances”

  31. Julie says:

    Ohhh…fireman… picking Where the Devil Dances ;o)

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