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Part Thirty-

He climbed into his SUV then waited for Burke to get ready before he pulled out. When they reached Sunburst, they parted ways. He headed to the high school while Burke went to the grocery store.

Cathal parked in his usual spot then checked his emails on his phone. So far there wasn’t anything he needed to worry about. His assistant seemed to be handling all the issues that had come up. He saw Rebecca’s email address come up and opened it.

“Mr. Burke told me to send you these files. Hope everything is going well for you.”

When he opened the files, he saw it was about Burke’s parents’ deaths. He’d go over them later on that night after the kids went to bed. He really wanted to figure out how two wealthy people could be killed, yet nothing be done about it. Especially if the son of the victims believed without a doubt they were murdered.

He’d sensed someone approaching his vehicle, so when the knock on the window came, he wasn’t surprised. Turning, he studied the man standing outside the SUV. There was something vaguely familiar about him, but Cathal couldn’t place where he’d seen him from.

Rolling down the window, he said, “Yes?”

“Are you Cathal McKinley?”

Cathal wrapped his hand around the grip of the handgun he’d tucked under his thigh once he parked. “Yes, I am.”

“I’m Deputy Sheriff Mitchell. I was wondering if I could talk to you about your sister.” The man flashed a badge.


“I was two years behind you in school, but I played on the varsity football team with you your senior year.”

Cathal let go of the gun and nodded. “Right. I remember now. Yes, did you want to meet up after I drop Randy and Elisa off at home or should I come in tomorrow?”

Mitchell pursed his lips as he thought. “I think we should talk as soon as possible if it’s all right with you.”

“No problem. My friend is at the house, so I can drop the kids off then meet you at the diner,” Cathal suggested.

“That will be fine. Your friend the guy who stopped by the hardware store and bought some new locks?”

He’d forgotten how news traveled in a small town. “Yes. That’s Hilton Burke. He’s my friend and boss.”

“Okay. I’m glad you’re taking steps to keep her from getting into the house.” Mitchell glanced over towards the high school where kids were starting to pour out. “I’ll see you in a few at the diner.”

“All right.”

Randy and Elisa climbed into the SUV, greeting him with smiles. He turned the vehicle on, but didn’t put it in drive. He looked over at Randy.

“Could you pick up the twins for me and watch them? I need to meet with a sheriff deputy about your mother and I’d like Hilton to come with me.”

Rolling his eyes, Randy said, “Yeah. I can do that. They’re used to me getting the twins on the days Poppa was sick.”

“What has she done now?” Elisa asked as she put on her seat belt.

“I don’t know. The deputy just came over to ask me to meet him.” Cathal moved the gun from under his thigh to the console. “You’ll take the truck.”

“There isn’t a gun in there,” Randy commented.

“Right.” Cathal paused then continued after a moment. “There shouldn’t be. I’ll ask Hilton about that. I’ve never seen him with a gun, but more than likely he knows how to shoot.”

Randy snorted. “I wouldn’t be surprised. He seems to be more than just a rich business man.”

Cathal chuckled. “You’re right about that, Randy. He’s constantly surprised me this entire week.”

“Do you think he meant it when he said he’d come in and talk to my class?” Elisa fidgeted.

“Yes. Let him know when you want him to come and he will. One thing you can count on with Hilton is he keeps his word.”

“Unlike a lot of people,” Randy muttered and Cathal knew his nephew was thinking about his mother.

Cathal put the vehicle in drive then drove to the house. Randy and Elisa went to take their things to their bedrooms while he wandered into the kitchen where Burke was busy putting dinner in the oven.

When Burke straightened, Cathal encircled his waist and pulled him close to him. He brushed his lips over Burke’s neck. Sighing, Burke rested back against Cathal.

“I’m glad you’re home,” Burke murmured. “Dinner’s in the oven. It should be done shortly after the twins get home.”

“About that. Randy’s going to pick the boys up while we meet a sheriff’s deputy. Something’s come up about Margaret.”

Burke turned to look at him. “When did you run into a deputy? Should we call the lawyer and have him come with us?”

“He came up to me while I waited for Randy and Elisa. He told me he needed to talk to me.” Cathal sighed as he rested his forehead against Burke’s. “I’m afraid to guess what she’s done now.”

Not letting go of him, Burke managed to get his phone out. “What was this deputy’s name?”

“Mitchell,” Cathal told him.

He listened as Burke called Chuck and asked him to check on a Deputy Mitchell in Montana. Something in his voice must have told Chuck it was important because Davidson didn’t argue or anything.

A smile crossed his face. Davidson might have been an Alpha male and an experienced homicide detective, but Burke was the ultimate male. He was the one all other men wanted to become.

“All right. Thanks. Try to keep Herb from freaking out over Jessie’s wedding arrangements.” Burke ended the call. “Chuck says that Mitchell is on the level. He really is a deputy, but he couldn’t find out anything about Margaret.”

“Thanks for checking.”

He trusted his instincts and they had told him Mitchell was who he said he was, but it was nice to know he was right.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I hope she overdosed the little so and so but then I hope she didn’t have another kid so we here poor kid if so.

  2. Let’s hope she did something so bad she’ll be locked away forever! Am I mean? 🙂 Thanks, T.A. – looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. sad to say I’m hoping that she’s locked up somewhere. I was going to say dead but that would just be mean, I only want her to leave the family alone!

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