What’s Up?

Hey everyone, happy Hump day. 🙂 I have some cool news to tell you all, but I didn’t have time to write something up for it, so I’m going to wait until Friday and then spill the beans. Actually there are two awesome things to tell you about. Nothing like leaving you in suspense, huh?

I’m working on my second set of edits for High Line. I’m hoping to get those finished tonight or at least most of them done before I stop to watch Life. 🙂 I love that show. I don’t watch a lot of regular television, but there are three shows I like to watch plus Dexter on Showtime. I try to dvr The Mentalist, Life and Eleventh Hour. I’m also making myself a note to tape Fringe and check that out.

Hope you all have a great day. 😀

6 Responses “What’s Up?”

  1. LC says:

    I’m itching for my sketch pad and pencil. Who needs Paris when we have that to look at.

    *Lifts a toast* congrats on the good news whatever it may be. I do so love surprises…okay, no I don’t, I get antsy like a jumping bean. And it’s not pretty so come on and spill. You know you want to.

  2. Kristie~ says:

    Oh this is just cruel! Making us wait until Friday. *pout*
    Good luck with the edits.

  3. mamasand2 says:

    I Love the picture but there is no way he could hold that pose. I’d be willing to catch him though.

    And you are an EVIL tease TA.


  4. Yvonne says:

    TA after teasing us like that you better tell me those are you buns we’re lusting after!!!! Love the pix.

    I feel kinda of left out. The only TV I tend to watch is History Channel, Military History and History International (do you see a pattern here 🙂

    Have a great Hump Day-especially after printing out this pix and putting it on my desk!!!

  5. Melissa Bradley says:

    HOT pic! I’m sorry, did you say you have news? I’m still fixated on those fantastic buns. lol

    So you’re telling us you have big news, but won’t share til Friday? That’s just rotten!

    Good luck with the edits. Never heard of Life. When and where is it on? I’m a Supernatural fan myself. Those hot Winchester brothers rule my tv world. I’m also big on the Sci Fi channel with Battlestar Galactica and Eureka.

    Have a good Hunk Day.

  6. Jambrea says:

    You are SUCH a big tease!!! Making us wait like this! lol

    I can’t wait for the news. And good luck on your edits.

    I LOVE Life. That show is AWESOME! I don’t have Showtime, but if I did I would be watching Dexter. They played some watered down episode of that on regular tv a while back and I really liked it!

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