Wednesday’s Boys

Okay, so the readers have spoken. πŸ™‚ Allergies will be the next blog story, starting next Tuesday.

Tomorrow will be an excerpt from Bound by Love, my December release from Samhain. πŸ˜‰ I’ll pick a hot one for you.

Mer asked yesterday about an update(story) on Angel and Greyson to see how they were doing. I have to admit I never really planned on doing a sequel featuring those two again. I do have a story started titled Devil’s Addiction. It takes place in Regency England. Angel and Greyson are mentioned in it. They are in Paris, happily spying on Napoleon for the English. πŸ˜€ Shade has a bigger role in DA and I’m sure he’ll have his own story at some point. It will be in Shade’s story that we see more of Greyson and Angel. I mean how will Shade be able to deal with falling in love again without having his friends around to help him? lol

Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

6 Responses “Wednesday’s Boys”

  1. T.A.Chase says:

    Your wishes are my commands, everyone. A NSFW excerpt. I can do that.

    As for Allergies, I’ll try not to disappoint anyone. What I’m going for is funny without being stupid or silly. I’d like to try. Not sure it’s my strong suit, but we’ll see. πŸ™‚

    Angel was a beautiful character. I think he’s still my all time favorite. I do plan on having him and Greyson make a guest appearance in Shade’s story when I get around to writing it…lol.

  2. Blaidd-Drwg says:

    Yay for a new story and excerpts, though I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to be that tempted. I have no patience what so ever.

  3. emmyjag says:

    What Melissa sad.

    Your writing is so beautiful and poignantly lyrical that I’d be hesitant to read comedy from you, but support your effort, lolz.

    Angel is one of those gracefully sweet uke that I really connected with. I’d love to see him guest star in another story, but not necessarily a sequel. That story was well ended and best left at that.

  4. Melissa Bradley says:

    I admit I am a bit disappointed that Allergies will be first. Not a big fan of rom com. Nobody ever gets it right. So TA, I am counting on you. If anyone has the chops to pull this off, you do.

    I look forward to next Tuesday. And like Yvonne and Jambrea, I’d like some NSFW…Love the boys by the way. You find the most delicious candy. Have a great day.

  5. Jambrea says:

    WooHoo! It had to be Antonio’s vote the made it happen. lol

    And I agree…NSFW works for me. lol

  6. Yvonne says:

    Mornin’TA- you do like to tease us! Now I’ll have to go back and read Angel AGAIN in order the keep the characters fresh-lol.

    Please make the post tomorrow extra NSFW-cause I don’t have to be at work until 2:30pm and I can read it at home over and over and over- damn, drooled on the keyboard again. ;-D

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