Wednesday Hunk

I’m going to have to go shovel the driveway at some point today, I guess….though I don’t plan on going any where today…lol.

Progress is being made on Borderline. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the month, if not sooner. Also, I just got the okay to go ahead and write a four book paranormal series for Total e-Bound. Woot! So I’m going to have to start working on those as well. When I get blurbs and stuff written up for them, I’ll post them.

Hmmm….other than that, I plan on staying inside where it’s nice and warm. 🙂 I hope you all are safe and sound wherever you are.

Have a wonderfully warm Wednesday.

8 Responses “Wednesday Hunk”

  1. Book Dragon says:

    question about Voice for the Silent….what is the location?

  2. Araya says:

    Can I take him home please? Ill feed and water him! LOL

    *sigh* such a beautiful specimen of man.

  3. Wendi Zwaduk says:

    Love the pics and the posts. Big fan of your work. I'm digging out of the snow, too.

  4. Cinderella says:

    I see another Dragon story maybe a reunion of sorts. LOL Loved the tatt I have a new found respect for people who have hugh tatts as I got one New Years eve my fairy she is aroung 7 inches high and colored took 4 hours OMG the pain was intense. Cynthia

  5. Teresa says:

    Thanks for ending my long work night with an awesome picture. Yeah for progress and new series. Try to stay warm today.

  6. C R Ward says:

    Okay, this guy definitely needs to be featured in one of your stories! He's just so drool-worthy!

  7. Jambrea says:

    Great picture! Thank you!

    I will be staying home today! Woot. Not planning on going anywhere. I'm in comfy clothes snuggled in. 🙂

    Don't have to shovel either. Already done. Woot. lol

  8. Charlie says:

    That is an amazing tattoo on an amazing body.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the books! I'm glad your writing full time is starting off so well. I hope you stay nice and warm today. : )

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