Valentine’s Contest

My marvelous editor at Samhain, Tera, is running a contest with her authors. Here’s the details.

The fun starts on February 3! The dates, authors, and the books they will be posting excerpts from are below, followed by the contest rules.

February 3, 2009 = Danielle Devon, Divinity in Chains

February 4, 2009 = T.A. Chase, Out of Bounds

February 5, 2009 = Rita Oberlies, The Catcher and the Lie

February 6, 2009 = Kimberly Nee, Eden’s Pass

February 7, 2009 = Dawn Brown, Living Lies

February 8, 2009 = Lexi Adair, Rockstar

February 9, 2009 = Avery Beck, Sexy by Design

February 10, 2009 = Angelle Trieste, Devil Falls

February 11, 2009 = Lissa Matthews, Pink Buttercream Frosting

February 12, 2009 = Denise Belinda McDonald, Second Chances

February 13, 2009 = Kelly Jamieson, Friends with Benefits

In case you’ve forgotten what exactly the contest entails, let’s remind y’all. =) The authors will be posting an excerpt from each of the above-listed stories. And where they stop, you will begin. You will continue writing the story as you see it, or would like to see it, up to two-hundred and fifty words. A winner will be chosen from the entries each day, and at the end, on February 14, a grand prize winner will be chosen.

Stop by here and flex your writing muscles. It’s my turn today. I’m giving away a copy of Out of Bounds, but I’m willing to be flexible if you win today and already own a copy. 🙂 Also, remember you’ll be entered into a drawing for the big grand prize which is a lot of great stuff from all these authors. 🙂

I hope you stop by Tera’s blog and participate.

Have a great day.

2 Responses “Valentine’s Contest”

  1. Blaidd-Drwg says:

    Owh that sounds cool! Contests *wicked grin*

  2. Jambrea says:

    How cool! 🙂

    Happy Hump Day TA!

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