The Haunting of St. Xavier available…

And because I sometimes lose track of the days…lol. I wanted to let everyone know that my newest collaboration with Carol Lynne is out today.

The Haunting of St. Xavier is available today at Total e-Bound. 🙂 Click here to check it out.

Have a great day.

4 Responses “The Haunting of St. Xavier available…”

  1. Susan says:

    I agree too, this story was really great. Don't remember if I mentioned before but I liked Emrace my Reflection a lot too.

  2. Sweetums says:

    I agree with Jambrea. It was awesome! Roland was hilarious! You 2 together are great.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for fixing the installments. It was very perplexing there for a while.

  4. Jambrea says:

    This story TOTALLY rocks. You guys did an AWESOME job. I love reading the stories you two do together. 🙂

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