Poetry Train #90


Dark eyes peering from behind a fringe of black hair, he meets my gaze with a grin. The tilt of his head and the movement of his hips entice me closer. I reach out, trailing my fingers over his shoulder and down his chest, ending at the waist of his jeans. Hooking my finger in a belt loop, I tug him closer. His arms settle around my waist and I nuzzle his neck, breathing in the salty scent of sweat and male. Our bodies rock and rub to the driving beat of the music filling the club we dance in. He sighs, leaning into me, and I know, I’ll be going home with him tonight.

—T.A. Chase copyright c. 2009


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5 Responses “Poetry Train #90”

  1. Emeraldjaguar says:

    *slobbers all over picture* nom nom nom

    I think there’s a poem under that somewhere…can’t see it *slobbers some more*

  2. Kristie~ says:

    I’m smiling….finally.

  3. molli says:

    Oh, how very apt this one is today, Lol!
    and can I have two?

  4. Jambrea says:

    *sigh* This one left me grinning. Very nice TA.

  5. Yvonne says:

    Hot! Very Hot!

    His eyes are beautiful. I can see how they can inspire you.


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