Poetry Train #86

What I’m Looking for…

Arms to hold me tight.
Lips to kiss and taste.
A body to warm me.
A smile to brighten my day.

A mind both brilliant and crude.
A soul both pure and soiled.
A heart both kind and cruel.
A love both lasting and fleeting.

-T.A. Chase copyright c.2009

4 Responses “Poetry Train #86”

  1. Kristie~ says:

    Love it!!

  2. Jambrea says:

    I agree with Melissa. And I love it.

  3. Carol H. says:

    As always wonderful and moving. Loved this one T.A.

  4. Melissa Bradley says:

    So simple and yet so complex. I felt the words to my fingertips. Exquisite verses, TA.

    Have a great Monday.

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