Poetry Train…

Here’s a little scene I wrote up. It goes along with the story I wrote yesterday for the Flash Fiction Sunday at SEx. It’s dark and a little scary…lol. Very different from what I’ve written before. Enjoy.

“I won’t beg.” The large auburn haired man glares at me.

I chuckle, circling the kneeling man. I love seeing this strong man bound in front of me. His muscled arms are tied behind him with a thin gold chain, hooked to a wide black leather collar around his neck. I reach out, running my finger down from the point where my captive’s pulse pounds at the base of his throat to the middle of his chest.

“Hmm…no begging, huh?” I grin at him.

“Your kind lives for causing pain, Archelaus.” His teeth grind together as he shivers.

“My kind? My dear man, you have never run into my kind before.” I trace a line from one nipple to the other, encouraging those little pieces of flesh to harden.

A huge shudder wracks the man’s body. I pinch and twist, watching him with a half-lidded stare. His pale skin flushes and I glance down to see my plaything’s cock stiffen. He shifts, trying to move away from me, but he couldn’t.

I lean forward, licking a line over the vein throbbing in the man’s neck. A gentle breeze rushes past me, scented with cinnamon and vanilla. I reach out, smoothing my hand over the white feathers of the man’s wings.

“Then again, maybe you have,” I comment before sinking my fangs into his neck.


Hope you enjoy it. Stop by Rhian’s blog to see who else has joined in the poetry train.

Have a great Monday.

20 Responses “Poetry Train…”

  1. Susan Helene Gottfried says:

    VERY nice, TA!!! Wow!

  2. Sparky Duck says:

    yes more scary, though this did work tension wise

  3. Count Mommy says:

    OOOh AAAHHH,GASP,PANT…SQUIRM, FLUSH(which is hard to see on a Black female-lol). Need I say more! Thank goodness I didn’t read this until after work!!

  4. Ann says:

    That was great. I caught the jello fiasco yesterday, too late to say hi though. Have a great week.

  5. Rhian / Crowwoman says:

    This is great TA – was enjoying it yesterday as well… if i ummm – didn’t emphasize that enough while ducking the jello and cherry bombs.

  6. julia says:

    How did you know I love captive men who make it through torturous scenes only to emerge stronger on the other side? Sign me up for this one!

  7. Lisa Andel says:

    I see you writing. Right this very minute. World domination gave you away.

  8. T.A.Chase says:

    Gautami Tripathy,

    thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  9. T.A.Chase says:

    Thanks, Michelle.

    That would explain why I don’t have the same problem. I don’t use IE. I use Firefox. I know what the problem with the covers is, so I’ll have to fix that anyway.

    Archelaus didn’t start out as evil. He met a fallen angel who killed him. 🙂

  10. gautami tripathy says:

    What a post! Glad I found Monday Poetry train.

  11. Michelle says:

    Love the excerpt. Want to know more about Archelaus – he sounds deliciously evil, yet redeemable as well.

    I also have the problem with your blog – the side bar appears below the text, but only on the laptop, not the desktop. And only in IE6 (Firefox works fine). If I change my text size to Smaller, it looks fine.

    Something (probably an IE patch as it was fine a couple of weeks ago) changed something and screwed things up. When it comes to computers, anything is possible (and I work in Computer Support!)


  12. T.A.Chase says:


    oohh…imagine him torturing the one meant for him and finding out that the man loved it. 😉 But Archeluas could still plan on world domination.

    As to my blog, I’m not sure what the problem is. Except for the three covers, I don’t have any other problems. Hmmm…..

  13. Lisa Andel says:

    P.S. Your sites still messed up. You’ve got an extra little width thingy on your main blog area that’s shoving the right sidebar down to the bottom.

    Anyone else see this?

  14. Lisa Andel says:

    Depends on you. What overall mood you want to set. If you want to be truly evil and dark, then turn it up. Though you’ll probably have trouble with any “love” or a HEA.

    IMO, I’d ride the darkness a while longer, then ramp it down after he’s found and tortured the one that’s meant for him. And maybe only then with “the one” 😀

  15. T.A.Chase says:

    You’re welcome to steal it, Lisa. I’m always willing to share. 😉

    Oh, I did tone down the scary part. Hmm…going to have to turn it up a little, huh?

  16. Lisa Andel says:

    Morning TA, you expect my brain to function after seeing that picture? Huh? I’ve so stolen it, for later perusal.

    What? Oh the story? HOT. Though you’ve toned down the scary some.

  17. T.A.Chase says:

    I thought that, Anne. A sexy combination.

  18. T.A.Chase says:

    Hey Tempest,

    Isn’t the pic great? Now if only he had wings, it would be perfect. 🙂

    The background of the story is that Archelaus now rules Hell, since he killed the devil in an earlier scene. 😉

  19. Anne Douglas says:

    ooh, wings and fangs, whats not to love!

  20. Tempest Knight says:

    First, I LUV that pic of the man tied up. Yep, that’s the best kind of man. *winks* As for the excerpt here… wow! Was that hot (*fans*), or is my menopause acting out again? *lol*

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