Pimping Friday….

Jenna Jones’ book, Chiaroscuro, was my reading material of choice last night. It was pretty good. I like that the main couple didn’t get together right away. There were issues that needed to be dealt with. It felt more like real life, imo

If anyone has a website for her, please feel free to post it in the comment sections. I couldn’t find one.

Well, writing is going all right. I’ve gotten some more done on a bunch of different stories. đŸ™‚

Hope everyone has a good Friday.

5 Responses “Pimping Friday….”

  1. Jenna says:


    I’m the author :). I’m not the same Jenna Jones that wrote Regencies. I do have a website: it’s Quixotic Quest.com

    I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

  2. Julie says:

    Bought it yesterday, got sucked in and sat up reading till about 2 this morning! Awesome read! Thanks for the “pimp”! ;o)

  3. Elisa says:

    I have asked to Torquere if she is the same author of the Regency Historical for Zebra (my other passion are historical romances) but they answered me that they don’t know… strange… Jenna Jones is not an unusual name, but two authors with the same name? elisa

  4. sylvie says:

    As Gina, I couldn’t find a website for this author. Her book was really good.

    Have a great day and week-end

  5. Gina, Book Dragon says:

    I wonder if this is the same author that has three out of Print Zebra Regency Romance books. I didn’t find a website, not even “about this author” info at Torquere.

    I enjoyed this book but haven’t read it again or recently (not published date but number of books). Sometimes I really wanted to shake Ben.

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