On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Seven-

Miataga blinked, unsure he really had heard what he thought he heard. “Did you pay my master for me?”


“Then why wouldn’t we have sex?” He didn’t understand.

“Just because I paid for you doesn’t mean I have control over you.” Ari held up his hand to keep Miataga from speaking. “That is my belief. I know, it’s not how others would feel. I paid for you because it was the only way I could get someone to come with me. The masters of the Loving Houses don’t allow their workers to leave. I was informed by my fellow soldiers when I commented about taking someone home with me.”

The word ‘home’ hit Miataga. “We’re going to your home?”

Ari lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “Only for a few days. Then we’ll be leaving to go to Vikex’ flock. I don’t spend much time with my family anymore. I come from simple folk. They didn’t understand why I left. Mostly because I couldn’t tell them what was calling me away. I didn’t know that it was Vikex.”

He touched Ari’s chest, feeling the beat of his heart. “Your people didn’t know anything about the war birds and how they keep Emmen safe?”

“No. We aren’t really part of the Emmenian empire, or at least we don’t consider ourselves to be. So we don’t pay attention to what’s happening there.” Ari frowned. “They’re afraid of Vikex and don’t know how to treat him while we’re there. He usually spends the few days we’re there up on the peaks of the mountain. It’s not ideal for him, but he deals because he knows that we’ll be spending a majority of our leave in the Westerlys with his flock.”

“We’ll get to see more phoenix like him?” He pursed his lips. Was that the right word for more than one phoenix?

“They will be there. Unlike Vikex, they never leave the mountains where they were born. As I said before, it’s rare for them to bond with men.” Ari stroked the feathers of Vikex’ neck. “I was one of the lucky ones.”

Miataga shivered and Ari drew him closer. “I can’t believe you chose me and I’ll get to see them as well. I get the feeling that not many humans see them.”

Ari rested his chin on the top of Miataga’s head. “You’re right. The only reason I get to is because I’m bonded with Vikex. They live high up in the mountains. They give off a lot of heat, so we won’t have to worry about freezing.”

“How is that possible,” Miataga murmured.

“I’m not sure. It might have something to do with their relationship with fire. Phoenix live for a hundred years then when their time is up, they burn to death. Once the flames die down and the ashes cool, an egg appears. In three days, the phoenix will hatch and be reborn.” Ari sighed. “When they die, it’s very beautiful.”

Miataga didn’t move from where he’d snuggled against Ari. “How can you hear me?”

Ari chuckled. “It’s the way the wind blows and these helmets help magnify sounds. We need ways to communicate with each other while we’re flying.”

It made sense. Miataga wondered how the giant birds had come to be and when had the decision made to train them for battle. He ran his hand along Ari’s thigh while he thought. The muscles flexed under his fingers and he smiled. For the first time in his life, he was anticipating the sex. Something told him it wouldn’t be as awful as some of his nights were.

He liked sex as much as the next guy, which might have seemed odd when he had been forced to chose being a pleasure worker instead of choosing it. To be honest, some of his customers were rather nice guys just looking for some kind of connection. Most of them were assholes who only wanted to fuck him and didn’t care about his feelings or needs. A couple of them got rough from time to time.

Yet the way Ari acted made Miataga think sex with the commander wouldn’t be like that. He’d never had a customer tell him he didn’t have to fuck him if he didn’t want to. Not that he’d turn Ari down. Miataga found Ari the most attractive person he’d ever seen and he was more than willing to do whatever Ari asked.

“Are you from Sendler?” Ari’s question drifted down to him on the wind.

“Born and raised in the lower part of the city. My mother was a pleasure worker at one of the Loving Houses. One of her more frequent customers fathered me. I ran errands and helped around the House where she worked until I was deemed old enough, then I started plying the family trade.” His harsh laugh echoed on the breeze. “I’ve never left the lower city. This is the furthest I’ve ever been in my life. Each mile we go will broaden my horizons even more. I’m looking forward to it.”

Ari rested one of his hands at the base of Miataga’s spine. “Stay with me and I’ll show you so many things, beautiful and amazing things in this world. We don’t have to go back there for two months. Tell me, are there places you want to see or things you want to do? I will grant your every wish for as long as we’re together.”

My every wish? How wonderful it would be if he really meant it. Miataga had heard thousand of pretty promises from the men who visited the Loving House. How they wanted to take him from there. They wanted to give him jewels and fancy clothes. A nice house in a better part of town. The one thing they didn’t want to do was take him places where people could see them together. Those men would’ve hidden him away like a precious gem, taking him out only so they could look at him—or fuck him whenever they wanted.

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