On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Four-

He jumped when the commander threw back his head and a wild cry burst forth. He shuddered as a fierce yearning ripped through him. A yearning to be free and to be able to fly the skies without having to submit to anyone. An answering cry came from the sky and he lifted his eyes to watch for the commander’s bond mate.


Ari shot a glance at the man he had commanded to come with him. What kind of fool was he to think such a beautiful being would want to have anything to do with him? He should never have listened in on the conversation between two of his men. They talked about the Loving Houses down in the lower part of the city and the whores who worked in them. He had been appalled to know that a whole class of people was trapped in a society where they had to sell their bodies.

Shaking his head, he turned to see Vikex gracefully dropping from the sky. The society of Emmen disgusted and intrigued him. The Easterly Mountains had no lines dividing their people. They had no rich and poor; no slaves and masters. Mostly they had no whores that he knew of. Maybe he had been too sheltered before he was called to Emmen and his destiny.

Vikex landed and shook his feathers out, sparks flying from the tips of his wings. Ari heard the whore gasp and smiled. His bond mate was a beautiful creature. Bright yellow gold at the base of the feathers, Vikex’s wings spanned almost the entire flight field. Vikex’s golden eyes looked from him to the man standing next to him.

He took the man’s hand in his and held it out to his bond mate. “Vikex, this is…” He stopped when he realized he had never asked the man’s name.

“Miataga,” the man whispered.

“Miataga, this is my bond mate, Vikex. He will be traveling with us to our home, mate. We must take care of him.” He ran Miataga’s hand over the warm feathers on Vikex’s breast.

“What type of bird is he? I have never seen one so beautiful or so large.” There was a hint of fear in Miataga’s voice, but the hand touching the bird didn’t shake. “He’s so warm.”

“Vikex is one of the phoenix that live in the Westerly Mountains. They are very rare and only chose to bond with men once in a generation. That is why I came here. Vikex called me and I had to find my destiny.”

“A phoenix?” The surprise and awe in Miataga’s face made Ari laughed.

“You’ve never heard any legends of the phoenix?” He checked to make sure the riding pad sat just right on Vikex’s back. He didn’t want the bird getting any sores from their long flight. He needed to get away from this city.

“My instructors didn’t think the legends of our people were important lessons for a whore to learn.” Miataga’s voice was matter-of-fact. “It’s wrong to allow anyone to be ignorant of their past, be he whore or rich man.” Ari mounted Vikex and offered his hand to Miataga.

“It’s a different world than where you lived, Commander. How long have you lived in Emmen?”

Miataga’s small hand joined with Ari’s and he lifted the man onto Vikex’s back. Ari placed him before him, so he could keep his arms wrapped around the younger man and insure he didn’t fall off during the flight.

He bit back a groan as Miataga’s firm ass rubbed against his groin while the whore wiggled around to get comfortable. The sting of his teeth on his lip jolted him back to what Miataga had asked him.

“I’ve been here for eight years.” He leaned forward, doing his best to ignore the woodsy scent drifting off Miataga’s red hair. “Vikex, are you ready?”

Vikex’s scream caused Miataga to jump and Air chuckled.

“He is very loud, but you will get used to it, I’m sure. Put your hands around me while we fly. If you become scared, close your eyes and hide your face against my chest.”

Two slender arms embraced him, resting at the small of his back. He’d never been so overwhelmed with sensations. Heat and need roiled through him. Vikex turned to glance back at him, curiosity and a strange understanding shining in the phoenix’s golden eyes. Even after eight years, Ari had no idea just how much the phoenix understood. He had a feeling Vikex didn’t let him know everything. The bird had its own idea of what was important enough for his human companion to know.

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