On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Twenty-Three-

Ari nodded. “I spent most of my time annoyed with them, but they’ve broken the laws to make their lives easier. Even more than that, they’ve chosen to ignore the needs of their own children.”

Miataga studied Air for a moment. “Is it really that important for the people who have these visions to follow them?”

“Yes. If they don’t, they could go insane.”

The soft snort Miataga gave told Ari his lover was a bit skeptical about his statement. He drew him to a halt then lifted Miataga’s chin so their gazes could meet.

“I know it doesn’t sound likely, but I’ve seen it happen. We’ve gotten to the human bond mates too late and they’ve gone over the edge. There’s no way to bring them back, not even if there is a bird to bond with. And the birds might die as well.” Ari rubbed his thumb along Miataga’s jaw. “It’s a hard thing to witness. I refuse to let it happen to anyone I might have a chance to save. Barke should have been sent to the main base in Sendler the moment he informed them about his visions.”

Miataga wrapped his lips around Ari’s thumb and bit. Breathing deeply, Ari tried to push down his desire. He had to keep his mind on the business at hand. After which, he could have his way with Miataga. Maybe it would help calm him down before he had to spend more time with his family.

He tugged his digit out of Miataga’s mouth then tapped him on the nose. “Behave.”

Miataga smirked, but didn’t say anything. Ari motioned toward the door.

“Let’s get this over with.” Nodding, Miataga lead the way into the hall. Ari wound his way through the crowd of people and tables to the small dais at the front of the building. Once there, he helped Miataga up on it then stepped up as well. He turned to see everyone staring at him.

The weight of Miataga’s hand resting at the small of his back helped Ari straighten his shoulders and gather his thoughts. As angry as he was with all of the elders, he couldn’t allow that rage to take over. He needed to make sure they understood how badly they had screwed up. He really didn’t want to bring the government officials down on the entire village.

“Why did you gather us here, Ariste?” One of them spoke up.

He faced the man and tried to remember his name. “Elder Samles, it’s been brought to my attention that you haven’t been fulfilling your obligations to the government.”

Samles frowned. “What obligations?”

“My cousin, Barke, tells me he has been having visions. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other young people in the village who have been experiencing them as well. Yet not one of them has been sent to Sendler and no one has contacted me either.” Ari propped his fists on his hips.

“Why would we do that? These visions are just dreams. They don’t mean anything. Just wishful thinking of the young,” Samles said, clearly puzzled by Ari’s anger.

Ari swung around to look at his father. “You never told them about the law? Not even after I explained what the consequences would be if you broke them?”

Father shrugged. “It didn’t seem important. No one in Sendler cares about villagers in these mountains. They only want our taxes, which they can have, even if it leaves us without in other ways. Why should we give them our children as well? Some only have one child. Who would help them with their crops if that child were to run away to the city?”

Samles took a hold of Ari’s father’s arm and shook him. “Have you been lying to us, Dosterta? Are you going to get us in trouble with the military? We have no way of defending ourselves from them.”

Father jerked his arm away then crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m sure we have nothing to worry about. Ariste won’t tell on us and we can just forget about those foolish visions.”

Ari gestured for his father to shut up. “Stop talking. Elder Samles and the rest of you, listen to me. Those visions your children have been having are signs of their destinies. You must allow them to follow them. Hell, it’s the law that you cannot keep the children from going to the city. If you do, they will go insane. I’ve seen the damage done to a person with an unfulfilled bond.”

“Bond?” Caristal, another Elder, asked. “What kind of bond?”

“Barke has told me about his visions. I’m sure the others’ dreams are the same. They dream of riding birds, of flying through the air. Their visions are much like I had when I was young. I left the village because of them and went to Sendler where I met Vikex. I bonded with the phoenix as my dreams told me I would.” Ari scrubbed his hands over his face.

“Is that true?” Caristal looked shocked.

“Yes. My parents knew it because I sat them down and explained everything the first time I returned. I let them know they would be receiving a stipend from the government to cover the loss of my work. I also warned them about the penalties of not allowing others to journey to Sendler if they were called.” Ari shook his head, disappointment and anger welling up in him again. “I should’ve known they weren’t going to be honest with the rest of you.”

Caristal and Samles, along with the other Elders, glared at Ari’s father.

Samles spoke, “You’re right. They didn’t let us know we must comply with the law and send our children away. As much as we would hate to lose them, it isn’t worth losing our livelihoods or our land to keep them.”

“You wouldn’t lose them. They will always return when they have leave. You just need to learn how to deal with their bond birds when they come home,” Ari informed them.

“But you hardly ever come back, Ariste,” Caristal pointed out.

He grimaced, wishing he could say something about being busy that would sound convincing.

“Unfortunately Ari and Vikex have been very busy along the southern border. The military finally allowed them a chance to come for a visit,” Miataga interjected smoothly taking the pressure off Ari.

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