On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Twenty-

After grabbing their coats from their room—just to make his mother happy, Ari took Miataga’s hand and led him from the house. They didn’t talk as they walked to the top of a small hill. He spread out Miataga’s coat then gestured for him to sit.

“The moon will rise in a few minutes,” Ari told Miataga as he joined him on the coat. He drew Miataga into his arms before wrapping the other jacket around them.

“That’ll be interesting to see,” Miataga murmured as he rested his head against Ari’s shoulder. He entwined their fingers and laid them on his stomach. “You did well not to speak up against the Supreme Commander like you wanted. I could tell you were biting your tongue a little in there.”

He chuckled. “It helped to have you there. I need to remember that not all of my family supports me, so anything I might say could be repeated to certain people. And that could get me in trouble.”

Miataga trailed the fingers of his other hand along Ari’s thigh. “How much trouble would you get into if those people found out how you feel?”

“Not too much,” he admitted. “They don’t want to lose Vikex, which they would if I were court martial and discharged. Vikex will not bond with anyone else.”

“So you’re safe from that because of Vikex?”


Miataga hummed for a second as he seemed to be thinking. Then he said, “But they could give you crappy assignments and put you out in the front lines of battles, right?”

“They already do. Vikex and I are always part of the first wave of soldiers in any battle. My superior officers would just send me in without back up.” Ari rubbed his cheek over Miataga’s hair. “Unfortunately, that would mean Vikex could be killed and while I’m expendable, he’s not.”

“You’re not expendable,” Miataga protested, easing back to meet his gaze. “I’d miss you if you were gone. You’ve changed my world in the week we’ve known each other. I can’t imagine what it would be like not to have you in it. Not that I expect anything from you when we get back to the city.”

Ari smiled as he cradled Miataga’s face in his hands. “Don’t worry about that. Trust me when I say, you and I will stay in touch once we’re back in Sendler. I don’t plan on letting you go.” He shrugged. “Well, I guess I might have to let you go back to the Loving House since I don’t have a home and we’d have to figure out how to buy you from your master. Is that even possible?”

Nodding, Miataga said, “Yes. I admit it’ll be expensive and difficult. I’m one of the most popular whores at the House. I make the Master a lot of money and he isn’t going to let me go without costing you a lot.”

“I’m not surprised.” He wanted to compliment Miataga on his abilities, but he didn’t think that would come out quite the way he meant it. “I have a lot of money saved up. I don’t send it all back here. I’m not stupid. When I retire from the army, I won’t be moving home. I’ll go to Vikex’s flock and live with them.”

“I have money as well. Maybe together we can buy my contract from my master.” Miataga laughed at Ari’s confused expression. “I get tips from my clients. He doesn’t force us to give those to him. Hell, he even sets up accounts for us to put them in. I know of a few whores who saved enough to buy out their contracts. It’s not just a dream.”

Ari didn’t want to get excited about what that meant. Just because the man let others go, didn’t mean he’d allow Miataga leave. Like Miataga had said, he made the Master a lot of money and he had a lot of wealthy clients. They might not be happy to have their favorite whore leave the business.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to Miataga, kissing him gently. As much as he would’ve liked to lay Miataga down and make love to him, Ari wasn’t going to do that. It didn’t have anything to do with his parents being close by. He’d never told them that he was attracted to men before he left the village. Mostly because he knew he was leaving and his lovers would have no effect on what happened here. After he joined the army and bonded with Vikex, he never discussed it since he hadn’t planned on bringing anyone with him. At least he hadn’t until he decided he wanted someone to talk to while traveling and chose Miataga.

There was something weird about making love to Miataga while at a place where no one wanted them. His parents whined about the money he sent them, yet they used it to take over the village. While his siblings might like him, they would never go against Father and Mother.

He broke off their kiss and whispered against Miataga’s lips, “I wish we could leave right now.”

Miataga rubbed his thumb over Ari’s chin. “Maybe you shouldn’t come here anymore,” he suggested. “Send them the money and presents for the special days. Don’t subject yourself and Vikex to this. Your parents are hypocrites, Ari. They don’t deserve you or your time.”

“You’re right.” Ari nodded. “This will be the last time I come. Of course, after I take Barke with us, they might not want to see me again.”

“Either way, you won’t have to deal with them. Anyone who wants to talk to you—or see you—will.” Miataga snuggled closer then pulled Ari down to the ground. Making sure the jacket kept them covered, he rested his head on Ari’s chest. “Let’s worry about all of it tomorrow. Tonight, we’ll just stare at the stars and the moon. Maybe make a wish on them.”

Relaxing, Ari did as Miataga suggested.

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    beautiful 🙂

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    I’m really enjoying this story will buy the book for sure.

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