On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Seventeen-

Miataga chuckled. “I’m looking forward to it.” He winked when Ari eyed him.

Following Ari into a room, he looked around. It was a small space, but there was a nice bed covered in thick blankets and lots of pillows. It was decorated in reds, oranges and yellows, which Miataga thought probably soothed Ari because it reminded the man of Vikex.

“Did you choose the colors?” He sat on the edge of the bed, almost sinking into the mattress while he watched Ari pour some water into a bowl.

“My sister-in-law, Rayme, did it. She’s the only one of the group who understands exactly what my bond with Vikex is.” Ari washed his hands and face then dried them. Joining Miataga, he leaned against him.

Miataga rested his head on Ari’s shoulder. “I’m sorry they cringed when you removed your helmet.” Shrugging, Ari took Miataga’s hand and entwined their fingers. “It’s no big deal. They forget how bad the scars are when they haven’t seen me in a while. Thank you for caring though.”

“Yes, I care. It might only have been a few days since we met, but I like you, Ari. You’ve never treated me as anything less than a real person instead of a whore. It means a lot to me.” Miataga lifted their hands to his mouth then brushed a kiss over Ari’s knuckles.

“You’re a person just like me. We all have our own issues. Mine are my scars. I don’t know what yours are because I doubt selling yourself is the most important one to you.” Ari squeezed his hand then let him go. “Go wash up then we can either decide whether to change or not. My family doesn’t dress for dinner, even though they like to think they’re a little higher in society than the farmers in the village.”

After standing, Miataga moved to the dresser where the bowl sat. He washed his hands and face, drying them on the towel Ari had left there. He propped his hip against the furniture as he stared at Ari.

“Does your family have a party for birthdays?”

“Yes. It’ll be a big one for the whole village to enjoy music and food. Mother will act as though she’s embarrassed by all the attention, but secretly she’ll be thrilled everyone is making a fuss over her.” Ari’s voice held a hint of fondness.

Miataga understood that Ari might not enjoy being with his family and that they might irritate him, but Ari still loved them, which was the right thing. Miataga’s mother might have been a whore and because of her, he ended being one as well, but he still missed her.


They both looked at the doorway where a young man stood, shifting from foot to foot.

“Heya Barke,” Ari greeted him. “Come in. Thank you for bringing our packs.”

“It was nothing. They weren’t that heavy.” Barke eased into the room. He held his hands behind his back and his gaze skated around the room.

“Miataga, this is my youngest cousin, Barke,” Ari introduced them.

“Nice to meet you.” Miataga wasn’t sure if he should offer his hand or not, so he simply inclined his head.

Barke eyed him then bowed slightly. “Nice to meet you as well.”

Ari frowned. “How are your parents? And your sister?”

“Can I go with you when you leave?” Barke blurted then looked upset.

“Umm…” Ari shot Miataga a wide-eyed glance.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” Barke started to leave, but Miataga grabbed his arm to keep him there.

“Wait. It’s not that you shouldn’t have asked. You took us by surprise,” Miataga explained. “Why don’t you and Ari talk about it tomorrow? You’ll have to explain why you want to leave here. Also, leaving with us might not be the best thing for you. The family might not be happy with you.”

“Of course they won’t be happy. They want us all to stay here, to live and die in this village.” Barke tossed his hands in the air. “I don’t want that. I want to see the world—or at least the city. There’s more out there than farming and I need to live something different.”

Ari took a hold of Barke’s shoulder. “I know what you mean. That’s how I felt before I left, but I was being called to find Vikex. Do you think you’re being called?”

Barke shrugged. “I keep having dreams about a golden bird and a city. I told my parents and Uncle, but they tell me it means nothing. Just a young boy’s silly dreams.”

Miataga stared at Ari when the man growled. “What’s wrong?”

“Barke, you and I will talk tomorrow during Mother’s party. Then I’ll be having a conversation with all the elders in the village. They should never tell you that your dreams are silly. There are reasons why you’re having visions of a golden bird. All of the men who bond with the giant birds had dreams of them before they found their way to Sendler.” Ari paced the room while Barke and Miataga watched him. “I’ve told them about it this almost every time I come to visit. I wanted them to keep an eye out for young men who had dreams like yours, Barke. Obviously they don’t care—or just don’t want to lose any of the young people.”

Miataga touched Barke’s arm. “Are you married?”

Barke shook his head. “I’ve never found a girl I was interested in. All I can think about is this stupid bird. My parents want me to settle down though. They have a nice girl picked out for me. She lives on the neighboring farm, which would help increase our land eventually.” He sounded so annoyed that Miataga had to laugh.

“Parents can be a pain, can’t they?” he said, even though he never really had to worry about his own mother’s expectations.

“Tell me about it. I keep telling them I’m not interested in getting married, but they kept pushing me.” Barke shook his head.

“Don’t worry about that, Barke. Your marriage won’t be happening.” Ari glared at both of them. “You’ll be coming with us when we leave. I promise.”

3 Responses “On Love’s Wings”

  1. AiboPals says:

    Oh dear Ari is not a happy bunny, I bet he is wondering how many others are being denied their true future

  2. Bobbi says:

    Loving this story

  3. josexpressions says:

    Man, I have to wait ’til Tuesday???? Grrrrr…. This was great, T.A. Thank you! Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

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