On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings copyright c. 2016 T.A. Chase

Part Fourteen-

“We’re about ten minutes away from my village,” Ari murmured in Miataga’s ear as Vikex flew them high above the pine forest. “Vikex will land in a minute or so and we’ll clean up before we arrive. Not that either of us are dirty, but it’s always wise to look presentable when meeting my mother.”

“Good thing we stopped at that town and bought me some different clothes,” Miataga replied. “I’m not sure your parents would be thrilled if I showed up dressed in my usual outfit.”

Ari chuckled. “You’re right. Also, those thin pieces of fabric weren’t going to keep you warm enough up here. That’s really why I stopped, though I didn’t want you upset by their reactions either.”

Miataga twisted a little to meet Ari’s gaze. “You were thinking about not embarrassing me?”

“Yes. You’re far more important than my family is.” Ari glanced sideways for a second then looked back. “I’ve already told you that we’re not close and that the only reason I’m visiting this time is because it’s my mother’s birthday. There’s no other reason for me to be here.”

Leaning back against Ari, Miataga stared at the ground as they glided down to a clearing near a stream. He stayed silent when they landed and Ari helped him climb down. After patting Vikex’ shoulder, Miataga grabbed the bag Ari held out to him.

“Are you going to start a fire here? Or just heat up the water with your hand?” He flashed Ari a smile.

“Probably use my power. As much as I’d like to waste as much time as possible and prolong our trip, I can’t.” Ari dug out a bucket, a cloth and their little container of soap.

Miataga nodded. “Right. Get it over with. You don’t have to stay there a certain number of days, do you? Heck, we could get there today and stay only long enough for the party. Then leave the next day.”

Vikex chirped as though he agreed and a slight glow of happiness burned in Miataga’s chest at the thought that the phoenix might be coming to like him. He knew the best way into Ari’s heart would be having his bond bird like Miataga. Do I really want to have anything more than a physical relationship with Ari? He’s a commander in the army and I’m a whore. It’s not a pairing that usually means lasting commitment.

Ari offered his arm and Miataga settled his hand in the crook of Ari’s elbow, letting a smile lift the corners of his lips. Even in the middle of a forest, where no one could see them, Ari treated Miataga as though he were a prince. It was something Miataga wasn’t used to. Usually his customers grunted and dragged him to his room.

Once they got to the stream, he pulled out his clean pair of pants and shirt. He brought them up to his nose to sniff the still fresh smell of soap. The laundress they’d bought them from had just washed them. She’d been more than willing to sell them to a commander. Miataga had been amazed at how the townsfolk had treated Ari. It was like he was an old friend coming home for a long journey.

Ari had explained that he and Vikex often stopped at this particular town on their trip to and from Ari’s home village. The people enjoyed hearing all the gossip from the capital since they rarely got any news other than proclamations having to do with new laws or taxes. That hadn’t surprised Miataga since he knew the people who lived in the city didn’t care about their country cousins, except for when they wanted money. He understood monetary issues since one of his more frequent customers worked in the revenue department of the government.

“Here you go.” Ari set the bucket next to him. “It’s already heated, so you can wash up without being too cold.”

Even though the water was warm, the air around them wasn’t. They both rushed through their cleaning up, drying up in a hurry before tugging on their clothes. When they were done, Ari lead the way back to the clearing where Vikex waited. The phoenix rubbed his beak over Ari’s hair then nudged Miataga in the chest.

“Vikex approves,” Ari said with a laugh.

“We’ve been bathing. I didn’t think we smelled that bad,” Miataga commented while putting his bag back in the traveling packs.

Ari stuffed his clothes in the pack as well. “As weird as it might be, his sense of smell is better than ours. Almost as good as a canine’s, so no matter how well we washed, he’d still smell us. Don’t worry. I didn’t have a problem.”

Ari nuzzled Miataga’s neck and he tilted his head, giving Ari more access to his throat. Grasping Ari’s waist, he moaned then shuddered at the sharp nip Ari gave him. He wondered if they had time for a little fun, but then Ari jumped. Miataga opened his eyes to see Ari rubbing his ass and glaring at Vikex.

“All right, you annoying creature. We’ll get going. I don’t know why you’re in such a hurry. You don’t like it there anymore than I do.” Ari helped Miataga mount before climbing up behind him. “Let’s get this over with. Then we can head to the place we really want to be.”

Miataga settled back against Ari’s chest, holding his breath as Vikex launched them into the air. No matter how many times it happened, he didn’t think he’d ever get used to it. Flying over the earth hadn’t been something he imagined he’d do in his life. Of course, he never thought he’d ever be able to leave lower Sendler or the Loving House. Miataga covered Ari’s hands with his then squeezed. He had Ari to thank for the chance to see the rest of the country.

No matter what happened at Ari’s village, Miataga would appreciate his time spent there—if only because it helped broaden his view of the world around him.

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