On Love’s Wings…

On Love’s Wings copyright c.2016 T.A. Chase

Part Thirteen-

“So pretty,” he whispered as he moved closer. Sliding his hands down to Miataga’s breeches, he begins to unbutton them then he stopped. “Are you sure this is what you want? You don’t have to sleep with me just because I paid for you. I wanted a companion for the journey. The rest is up to you.”

Miataga grabbed the back of Ari’s head and crushed their lips together. While their tongues dueled, Ari fumbled with the buttons on Miataga’s pants. He chuckled a little when Miataga started helping him and their fingers tangled together.

Ari pushed Miataga a few inches away, breaking their kiss. “I guess your answer is yes.”

“Yes. I want to have sex with you. Not because you paid for me, but because I’m attracted to you. I’ve never felt quite this intense of a need before.” Miataga frowned a little as though he was confused by what he felt. “I mean I have had customers that I’ve desired before, which makes having sex nicer than when I don’t want a person. Yet I’ve lusted after you from the moment I saw you. So there is no doubt I’m more than happy to be doing this with you.”

Miataga fell back onto the blankets while Ari followed him, tugging the fabric down over his hips then stripped his pants off. He tossed them to the side before he studied the pale body laid out in front of him.

There was no hair anywhere on Miataga’s body except for his head, eyebrows and eyelashes. There were no marks either. He was as smooth and as white as the alabaster statues Ari had seen in the Supreme Commander’s house. Yet for that Miataga looked faked, Ari could see a flush of excitement staining his skin.

“You’re so beautiful,” he muttered, leaning down to press a kiss to the center of Miataga’s chest. “You need to get naked,” Miataga ordered then plucked at Ari’s sleeve. “I want to see you.”

Ari shook his head even as he started unhooking his uniform. “No you don’t. I’m not anywhere near as pretty as you. I’m fighting the urge to put out the lantern and try to hide in the shadows created by the fire.”

He froze when Miataga rose up on his knees then pushed Ari’s hands aside. There was such a look of fierce determination on his face.

“I told you before. Your scars don’t matter. I hate being fucked by someone who couldn’t be bothered to remove his clothes. It’s like I’m nothing but a hole for him to come in.” Miataga practically growled at him.

Those statements caused Ari to shove aside all his doubts and fears. He didn’t want Miataga to ever think he was just a hole to Ari. He’d never felt like that about any of the people he’d slept with over the years. Of course, he hadn’t been nearly as scarred as he was at the present.

Giving himself a mental shake, he realized none of it mattered. All that did matter was making sure Miataga enjoyed the experience and might consider doing it again once they were done.

Before Ari could make another move, Miataga shoved his uniform off his shoulders then motioned for him to do the rest. He undressed the rest of the way and threw his clothes over to where Miataga’s were crumpled in the corner of the tent.

He rested his hands on his thighs while he studied Miataga’s face. If there was any sign of pity or disgust in Miataga’s eyes, Ari would leave. Yet to his surprise, he saw nothing there except lust and caring, which wasn’t an emotion he expected to see in a stranger’s expression.

Miataga held out his hand and Ari took it, letting his soon-to-be lover ease him down onto the blankets. He shuddered when Miataga trailed kissed down his chest, over the ridges of his stomach and dipped his tongue into his belly button. He sucked in air when Miataga licked the flared head of his cock before wrapping his lips around it.

Threading his fingers in the silken strands of Miataga’s hair, Ari let his head drop back onto the pillows he’d brought and sighed. The wet heat and suction surrounded his flesh, urging him to slide in and out of Miataga’s mouth. He kept his grip light, not wanting Miataga to feel forced into taking him.

Cool fingers stroked along his damaged side, yet Ari couldn’t bring himself to move away or even tense with worry. If his scars had offended Miataga, he wouldn’t be touching Ari. That much Ari knew. Time lost all meaning as Miataga played him like an instrument and Miataga was a maestro. Suddenly Miataga pulled away and Ari whimpered in protest. He lifted his head to watch Miataga straddle his hips.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I just thought it was time for you to fuck me,” Miataga informed him. “I’m ready and I know you are.”

“How are you ready? I didn’t give you any lubrication or stretched you.” Ari frowned, not wanting Miataga to hurt himself because he was in a hurry.

Placing one of his fingers on Ari’s mouth, Miataga smiled. “When we’re working, we wear a plug that keeps us stretched and ready at all times.”

Ari winced at the thought of Miataga wearing it while they flew. “Why didn’t you say something? I would’ve waited until you took it out before we left. It couldn’t have been comfortable during our flight.”

Miataga shrugged. “I’m used to it by now. I didn’t have any discomfort.”

He wanted to protest some more, but Miataga reached behind him and took Ari’s shaft in a firm grip. Ari held onto Miataga’s waist, helping him balance as he positioned himself over Ari then lowered inch by inch onto his cock. They both bit their lips as Ari went deeper until Miataga’s ass pressed tight to Ari’s groin. Panting, Miataga braced his hands on Ari’s chest for a second.

“Are you okay?” Ari asked, caressing the soft skin stretched over Miataga’s hipbone.

“Oh, I’m better than okay.” Miataga rose up then dropped down and Ari grunted.

Tight and hot. Ari never imagined anyone’s ass could feel so perfect as he filled it. He allowed Miataga to set the rhythm, but he made sure to meet each stroke down with a thrust. He must have hit the right spot because Miataga cried out then began to rock even faster.

“Ari,” Miataga shouted as he came, seed spilling from his own shaft to coat Ari’s stomach and chest. The clenching of Miataga’s inner channel massaged Ari’s length until he yelled as well, flooding Miataga with his cum. They trembled and shook as their orgasms rippled through them.

He grunted when Miataga collapsed onto his chest. After wrapping his arms around him, Ari sighed and closed his eyes.

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