New Cover…

Here’s the awesome cover for the second Horsemen book, War. This one gets released Dec. 26th, so you can pick it up as a late Christmas present. I thought I’d share the blurb as well. Now it might not look the same when it gets put up on Total e-Bound’s coming soon page. It’s unedited, just to let you know. 🙂

Fighting the battle in his own heart, War must find peace before he can find love.


War destroyed an entire tribe of innocent people when he was mortal, all because his best friend lied to him. His guilt brings him a destiny he never planned. As the Red Horseman, War spends the centuries creating battles and wars between countries to restore balance in the world. While he accepts the job to atone for his sins, he wishes he didn’t cause men to kill each other. War lives a solitary life, without hope of ever finding forgiveness.

From the mountains of Afghanistan to the plains of Kansas, and to the steppes of Mongolia, Russell Heinz searches for peace. He’s battling survivor’s guilt after having two members of his army unit die within feet of him. His own mind shuts down, and Russell spends time in a mental ward, dreaming of a man with blood-red hair and all-black eyes. Unsure if the man is real or just a figment of his wounded mind, Russell heads to Mongolia, looking for forgiveness of his own.

Separately, Russell and War fight their own personal demons. Together, they find peace in a love tested by the fires of battle.

Have an awesome Friday and a wonderful weekend. 🙂

4 Responses “New Cover…”

  1. LoneWolf says:

    Are you going to pu up excerpts of WAR up anytime soon? Also are you going to do blurbs for the two other Horsemen books?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ooo, that looks very nice. I enjoyed Pestilence a lot.

    (blinks) You know, when you look at that sentence, it just doesn't look right! LOL

    Thanks TA!
    Erika S.

  3. Cinderella says:

    Very nice!

  4. Jambrea says:

    Woohoo! Can't wait and I LOVE the cover. It looks SO pretty next to the first one. 🙂

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