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This is the cover for my last Rags to Riches book, Barefoot Dancing. I adore this cover and all of the covers in this series. 🙂 The dates for this one are:

Pre-Order: October 17th

Early Release: October 31st

General Release: November 28th.

And now that the contracts have been signed and it’s official, I can tell you that Jackie Nacht and I have written a book together. It’s called A Bittersweet Haunting and is the first in a six book series titled Mark of the Jersey Devil. It’ll be out at MLR Press, most likely on October 17th. I hope to be able to share the cover with you soon.

I’m trying to figure out what story to start next. I really kind of want to work on Climbing the Savage Mountain, which is a sequel to Mountains to Climb, but I have more research I need to do on that one before I can write it. I have two other stories I should be working on and Monday, I’ll make a decision…lol. I won’t force myself to decide over the weekend. Maybe I’ll work on all three of them to figure out which one speaks the loudest to me. 🙂

I hope you all have an awesome weekend.

4 Responses “New Cover…”

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  2. Jamesglync says:

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  3. sounds like good problems to have! congrats, T.A. and enjoy your weekend 🙂

  4. jo brown says:

    YAYAYAYAY!!!! More TA is always welcome. Just went on a TA paperback spree at Amazon….got 4 books on they way… 🙂 Congrats on the newest book…the cover is gorgeous as are all the covers for this series.

    Now, as for what to do next…lemme just say…..SHADE!!!!!! 🙂 you knew I was gonna say that…heeheehee

    hugs from your fan,

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