Monday again…

You’re probably wondering where did the poetry go? Well, I just haven’t been the creative mood lately for poetry. I’ve been working so hard on finishing up some of my stories that have been sitting around, languishing while I focus on something else…lol. So I just haven’t found the time to write any thing new. 🙁 But don’t worry, I’ll try and get something new for everyone next week.

I did want you all to know that I finished Nick of Time, just going over it once more and writing up a synopsis before sending it to Amber Allure. When I hear anything, I’ll let you all know.

That means I’ve been working on His Heart’s Home and I’m well over halfway done with it. Hopefully that means I’ll be done with it by the middle of April, if not sooner. Yay!…lol

Have a great Monday, everyone. (Yes, I do realize that might not be possible simply because it’s Monday, but just think, it’s one day closer to the weekend.)

6 Responses “Monday again…”

  1. daisiemae says:

    THANK YOU! My monday has sucked, but after reading the good news about Nick of Time and seeing that beautiful man on here, well I think it is definitely looking up;)

  2. Firecat says:

    I know what you mean about writing poetry. Sometimes when you’re just not in the mood there’s no point in forcing it.

    I can’t wait until Nick of Time is released – I need to know how the story ends!

  3. brooks says:

    Fabulous news about your stories! Thanks for the yummy Monday eye candy. Sweet!

  4. jodecarlson says:

    awesome news on Nick of Time and His Heart’s Home! and the eye-candy…sooo lickable…:)

  5. Rhonda says:

    Great news on finishing the book and being well over halfway on the other!!! Love the eye candy! Also love the way you look at Monday.

  6. Jambrea says:

    Woohoo! That is great about HHH! AND Nick of Time! Way to go TA!

    Yummy with the eye candy. Got Milk? heehee

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