Keeping Mum

Watched Keeping Mum last night. An entertaining British comedy staring Rowan Atkinson and Maggie Smith. Two of my favorite British actors.

It’s a dark comedy, but I laughed all the way through it and there was a twist at the end I didn’t see coming.

Got about 4k done on Vanguard over the weekend. It’s turning into a fun and interesting story.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

2 Responses “Keeping Mum”

  1. Emily Veinglory says:

    I can safely say those are 4 actors I never thought would appear in the same movie!

  2. Elisa says:

    ohoh TA, today you have touched one of my teen’s daydream… I love Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing and I have bought all his movies from that on (I know I know, he isn’t a good actor, he is a dancer, but what a dancer!!! Have you ever seen some of his back pictures? He has one of the beautiful back I have ever seen!!!). This I haven’t seen yet, in Italy staied on cinema only few days and it is not available on DVD.

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