Hop Against Homophobia


Today starts the Hop Against Homophobia. There are over 250 blogs involved, and most of them are offering prizes for your comments. But mostly what the hop is about is bringing awareness to the pervasive discrimination against a certain group of people in society. Normally I avoid political talk on my blog. Mostly because I’m not naive enough to believe that just because you read my books, you share all my same views. We’re all different in subtle and not so subtle ways, and that’s what makes this world so exciting and marvelous.

Yet I hope the one thing we can all agree on is that everyone has the right to their own happiness. As long as it doesn’t infringe or hurt others, then they have the right to be considered equal to me in every way. It shouldn’t matter who they love or who they want to marry. All that should matter is that they’re striving to be the best human beings they can be, regardless of sexual orientation. I’ve never understood hating someone because they’re different from you. Life would be terribly boring if we were all the same.

I’m sorry if my post isn’t that profound or earth shattering. I tend to look on equality for everyone as a no-brainer. And yet I understand that people struggle with it every minute of the day. I just hope we all become enlightened at some point in our journey through life.

I’m giving away a book from my backlist to two lucky commenters today. If I pick you, and you already have all my backlist, you can pick one of my up-coming releases. You’ll just have to wait until I get my author copies before you can get your prize.

Also, if you’d like to see who else is participating in the Hop, check out the Hop Against Homophobia blog.

And if you’ve stopped by for the next installment in They Walk Among Us, it’ll be up tomorrow. 😀

59 Responses “Hop Against Homophobia”

  1. Hopefully Australia will do something about the inequality in our marriage laws this year. My brother and his partner are waiting to get married as soon as the law changes. About bloody time!

  2. Ashley E says:

    Simply, sweet, to the point. I love it. 😀

  3. Rebecca says:

    I couldn’t agree more that equality should be a given.

  4. SheriV says:

    It was short and sweet, and well stated on your part. I wholeheartedly agree.

  5. StormyMonday says:

    Diversity is a great thing and it enriches our society! It is really about time everybody has the same rights concerning marriage and adoption! It’s like we’re still stuck in the 19th century when women were not allowed to vote and people were discriminated for their race, nationality or social class! Thank you for posting! Let’s hope that more people will become aware of such inequity!

  6. Juliana says:

    It shouldn’t be an issue and the fact that people make it one is just sad. Thanks for the post.

  7. Erica Pike says:

    Thanks for taking part, TA 🙂

  8. L.M. Brown says:

    I don’t think all posts have to be profound and earth-ahattering. The truth is often very simple and when it comes to homophobia the truth is that it should not exist in this day and age. Love is something everyone should have the right to.

  9. cathy m says:

    Great post Ariel. Love is love…

    Caity_mack@yahoo dot com

  10. Nancy S says:

    We appear to be of one mind here, now we just need to spread it out. May the narrow-minded have an epiphany soon.

  11. Bella says:

    It is profound, TA! When we are silent, we give our permission. Thank you for standing up and participating in the hop!
    bellaleone4 at gmail dot com

  12. Layladawna says:

    It should be a no brainer.

  13. Christine Eagles says:

    It is a no brainer. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. A lot of people must really hate themselves in this world.

    p.s. Love your books.


  14. dorome says:

    I totally agree with you. Equality should be a no-brainer. Anybody who believes homophobia, racism or sexism is freedom of speech might as well think violence is a proper form of discussion.

  15. Love isn’t about gender it’s about two souls belonging together.

  16. Crissy M. says:

    I totally agree. Why is it that people believe hey have a say in who another person love? I just don’t get it.


  17. kerry says:

    Thank you for being part of this hop and shining a spotlight on this very important cause.


  18. Anna says:

    I guess I am kind of lucky as I grew up in Australia and although there is discrimination, in general people tend to have a live and let live attitude. I now live in the UK and here too, although there is more discrimination there is still a overall feeling of, as long as your not hurting others just live your life

  19. Yvette says:

    Thank you for the post….every little bit helps.

  20. Lisa H says:

    Everyone should be able to love and marry who they want.

    Thanks for taking part in the hop!

  21. Tara Lain says:

    Hi TA–Just stopped by for a hug! : )

  22. Penumbra says:

    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Changes will happen, maybe not as soon as we’d like, but it will 🙂

  23. Penumbra says:

    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Every post helps bring awareness 🙂

  24. Dawn says:

    every one should have the same set of rights
    life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

    i just wish they weren’t using these issues in this election year to avoid other issues
    the economy, jobs, energy etc.

  25. CJean says:

    Love should conquer all, but it’s also about doing the right thing. How can we as a nation rail against other countries for violating human rights when we do not support this basic human right. There are states within this country where it is legal for a fourteen year old to marry. HOW is it not permitted for two same sex adults to have the same rights. A fourteen year old doesn’t remember to shut the door on the fridge, but they represent better candidates for marriage,then gays? DON’T THINK SO. I am neither gay nor interested in marriage, but “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” should not just be a t-shirt slogan.

  26. Michelle L says:

    I am passionate about kickin’ homophobia’s butt because it was only a few years ago that it became legal to marry my husband. Keep up the fight.

  27. Tami B. says:

    I agree equality should be a no-brainer. Other people’s happiness should not be allowed to be taken away just because of intolerance.

  28. Jayhjay says:

    Gteeat post! I am really enjoying the hop, both Ada participating blog and as a reader

  29. Trix says:

    Embraceing difference is a great thing, because none of us is the same. Great post…

  30. Tory says:

    I am in the military and was elated when dont ask dont tell went away- but we still have a long way to go. Awareness can only go so far; individuals have a choice to go one step further…be an example to others and show your support! Thank you for being a voice for us TA 🙂

  31. DarienMoya says:

    Inequality sucks! I think these people have to find something to feel superior about or its a reincarnation of the Aholes that did race inequality and gender inequality =_=

  32. Mary Melton-Priest says:

    I feel that everybody has the right to be happy and the rest of the world doesn’t have the right to tell whom they are supposed to love or be with to make them happy. We don’t live their life so people need to just but out and mind their own business.

  33. Kim says:

    I have the most wonderful parents, even today in their 70’s they are having an influence on their great grandchildren – but that’s ok for they will leave behind a great legacy. No intolerence.

  34. Mary says:

    What people do not understand they try to destroy! So I guess they do not understand the word love cause that’s all it is two people who love each other!

  35. Nicole says:

    I absolutely love this because even though I am also a straight woman but I just feel like its wrong how people are treated just because of who they wish to love. I am always suprised that such people can hate others just because of that. People should look at love rather then let their hate overcome

  36. being gay doesn’t make you wrong, just different than me. Same with blond hair, blue eyes, black skin, fat, skinny, fit etc…just different. NOT wrong, NOT bad, NOT sinful. Just different.

  37. Avalie says:

    So agree with you. This is an excellent Hop.

  38. Dannielle says:

    I am in love with this Hop. While being a straight girl means I don’t have to deal with the hate and discrimination but that doesn’t mean that I can’t lend my voice to give support to those that are.

  39. Danny says:

    I hope that love conquers hate in the end and that people get more open minded

  40. Sarah says:

    Thank you – in one phrase you summed it up for me ‘life would be terribly boring if we were all the same’. I hope that one day acceptance is the norm and we can all live our lives without fear.

  41. Tom Randall says:

    I have lived 65 years as witness to the hate and ignorance that so many speak. So many senseless murders. Change is evolving and I feel confident that those of us who have seen the change, support the young leaders today.

    Thanks for hopping!

  42. Lisa Guertin says:

    I agree with you. I have yet to see a convincing argument as to how same section marriage will destroy traditional marriage. It truly boggles the mind.

  43. Lisa Guertin says:

    I agree whole heartedly with you. Equality should be for everyone. I have yet to see a convincing argument as to how same section marriage will destroy traditional marriage.

  44. KimberlyFDR says:

    Love should always triumph over hate and I believe it always will.


  45. laurie says:

    it’s a shame that there is still inequity in the world….

  46. Andrea says:

    It would be nice if everyone say equality as a no-brainer!

  47. Louise says:

    It boggles my mind to see such blatant hatred and inequality in our world today.

  48. I’ve enjoyed several of your books and it pleases me to see so many authors band together for such a worthy cause. Good luck in your efforts.

  49. Tiffany M says:

    I agree with you. I have not truly understood why people can’t live as they want if they are not hurting others. I truly do believe in marriage equality.

    You are much more eloquent with how you state it.

  50. Yvonne says:

    As a child of the 60’s I am well versed in the hatred heaped on people who are different. I am a 50+yo Negro/Black/African-American/Person of Color (as well as a series of derogatory versions) born in southern Virginia. Change has happened, slowly to be sure, but it has happened. I only hope and pray that we can continue to make the changes needed to eradicate ignorance and hate.

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