Happy Tuesday

First off…yes, the title on the cover I posted yesterday is spelled wrong…lol. Don’t worry. It’s fixed now. Thanks to my web mistress and others who noticed it because for some reason, I missed it. šŸ˜‰ But no worries. It was a quick fix.

There isn’t an installment today because last night, I went to a screening of “The Champions”. It’s a documentary made about the dogs seized in the Michael Vick dog fighting case. it was an amazing movie and I highly recommend it. I cried, but mostly they were happy tears. The dogs are thriving in their various homes. I’m so thrilled to see them doing so well. I’ve never been able to even think about the dogs without getting tears in my eyes. Yet they show the remarkable ability to bounce back from their terrible beginnings. Please if you get a chance, go see it or you can download from their site. Click here.

Hope you have a great Tuesday and stop back tomorrow for the next installment. šŸ™‚

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