Happy Friday

Hearts Afire: January will be available Jan. 5th (next Monday) at around 6-7 pm. Mark your calanders…lol.

Nothing real exciting to report today…lol. I plan on hanging out and doing some writing if I can. I’m only two or three chapters away from finishing Tabloid Star. When it’s done, I’ll send it off to my beta reader and critique partners. I’ll also set it aside for a day or two. Then I’ll go back, re-read to make sure I didn’t screw anything up, write up a synopsis and submit it. Then it’s on to His Heart’s Home to get that done. After HHH, it’ll be Nick of Time. Once Nick is done, I’ll add another three stories to the schedule and get cracking on them.

I keep track of every word I write each day. My goal is to do 2k each day. Some days I’m lucky and can get 2k done on one story. Other days, my 2k might be spread out between two or three stories, but I figure as long as I’m writing, it’s all good. At the end of the week and then at the end of the month, I add up all the totals to get one big total. At the end of the year, I add all the monthly totals up to get the yearly total. And now that your eyes have crossed and you wonder why does that matter to you? To be honest, it doesn’t…lol. I’m just babbling. I thought December would be a slow month for me since on Christmas Eve and Christmas, I didn’t do any writing at all. Imagine my surprise when I added it up and realize I wrote 69k in Dec. alone. Wow…my biggest monthly word total ever. (at least since I started keeping track of it…) And my yearly total was 343,866 words in 2008 which down slightly from last year. J

The only goal I set for myself each year is to have one more book out than I did the year before. I’ve beat that goal already by having five books scheduled for release in the first five months of the year. Now I’ll see how many I can get out this year and then completely freak about trying to meet that same goal for 2010…lol.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Day. Have a great weekend as well.

6 Responses “Happy Friday”

  1. T.A.Chase says:

    Thanks, everyone. 🙂


    Derek St. Martin, the country singer, is the hero of His Heart’s Home along with Max Furlo, Tony’s foreman.

  2. tracy says:

    Hi TA, thats a great metric, you can feel motivated all year through. :o)

    I’m not sure if you’ve already answered this, but who are the lead charaters in the next home book? One of Brody’s partners, the country star, or someone new? thanks and happy new year.

  3. Jambrea says:

    TA…you SO rock! 😀 Can’t wait for all your releases

    Happy New Year!

  4. Kristie~ says:

    Wow and to think I can’t wait to read every word!!

  5. Firecat says:

    Wow! You are a writing machine, TA! Which is a good thing, because my biggest beef with finding an author whose books I enjoy is they never write fast enough. 🙂

    Great pic, makes you want to just sink your teeth into . . . nevermind. Back to work!

  6. Dana Marie Bell says:

    So… are you done yet? ;D

    Congrats on your upcoming release!

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