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Friday thoughts….

I thought I’d give you all some eye candy to start the weekend off right. 🙂

But I need to have a serious moment with all of you. There’s something that I need to get off my chest and it’s been bugging me for quite some time. I’ve just never been able to figure out the best way to say it. After talking with some good friends, I’ve decided just to come out and say it.

I’m female. I chose my pen name for personal reasons and never really thought I’d meet people I would come to consider good friends online. Then like a snowball rolling downhill, it got bigger and bigger until I had to chose; get swept under it or stop it. I’m choosing to stop it from taking over. Being honest with you all is a new start. But even though those reasons still exist, I couldn’t in good conscious continue to stay quiet about this.

As odd as it might sound, though I’ve never met any of you, you’ve all become important to me as readers and as people in your own right. You deserve to know the truth. I want to be able to look my readers and friends in the eye knowing there are no misconceptions about who I really am. I will now be able to meet some of you at conventions without the worry of discovery.

I can’t imagine how any of you might feel right now and you are more than welcome to vent on my blog about it. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone by my omission, but I don’t blame you at all if you feel betrayed, hurt or angry because of it.

Please understand that I’m very sorry for not having said anything before this. I hope you can forgive me and keep stopping by my blog to check out the eye candy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. And I do plan on posting something on Labor Day. 🙂