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What’s going on….

not much to report yet. 🙂 Still working on Not Seeing is Believing, my blind vampire story along with a sci-fi story titled Soothing the Burn.

Plus Carol Lynne and I are in the homestretch of our joint story, Dracul’s Blood. That has a tentative date of June next year. Then we’ll be getting right onto the sequel for it. I know some of you have voiced concern about a co-writing venture, but I really think that Carol’s ‘voice’ meshes well with mine. 🙂

Umm…someone asked about the next Sports book. It is on the schedule to be worked on soon. I have Not Seeing to finish, but I plan on starting JT’s story and the third Sports book by the end of Nov. So I’m hoping they’ll be out some time next year.

I hope you all have a great day.