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Merry Christmas Eve…

So here we are…another Christmas Eve. Wow…this year has gone by so fast. 🙂 I hope everyone has a great day and night.

I said that I’d be giving you two new blurbs to pick from…not just today, but I’ll let everyone comment until next Monday when I’ll figure out which one is the most popular and start working on it.

Blurb #1: (paranormal, shifter)


Kellan Largent is a grad student at Harvard. His thesis is on ancient Egyptian religious cults. While immersed in his research, he comes across an obscure reference to the Earth Warrior cult. Little does he know that one sentence in a dusty tattered book will engulf him in a battle between good and evil. A battle that could be the end of the world as he knows it.

The stray cat wandering the streets around Kellan’s house is more than an abandoned feline. Bastet has roamed the earth from the days when Egypt was young. He’s watched the Pharaohs rise and fall. New gods come and go. His purpose has remained the same: Protect the earth at all costs and keep the secrets of the Earth Warriors from regular mortals. He’s sent to keep Kellan Largent from finding out the truth about the cult, but also to keep the unsuspecting college student alive.

One man will do anything for the spell that created the Warriors. He wants immortality and killing Kellan for the secret is just the beginning of the trouble he’ll cause to get what he wants.

Blurb #2 (historical, western)

Bitter Creek’s Redemption-

Bitter Creek is a town on the brink of war.

Lines are being drawn and sides taken as two powerful men gather armies of gunfighters. The townspeople are helpless and the law worthless. One man has already died in the opening salvo of this land war. An air of fearful anticipation hangs over the town.

Eagle, the half-breed who works at the livery stable, manages to survive by not taking sides until one day, a stranger rides into town. Eagle’s life changes and he finds that he can no longer hide with his horses, if he wishes to be the man he claims to be.

A stranger comes to town and all hell breaks lose.

Hope you find something you like in either of these two blurbs. 🙂 Have a great and safe day.