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Serious moment….

Usually I try not to be too serious on my blog. I post eye candy and news about my writing, because really who needs to be serious all the time, right?

But a terrible trend is rocking our nation and it seems like lately it’s gotten even worse. Teenagers are killing themselves because of bullying. It’s not right that our young people feel the only way out is to die when other teens bully or harass them. No one, no matter whether you’re gay or straight, black, white, Asian, Native American…or Jewish, Christian, Muslim or other…should be made fun of or treated like less than others.

There are several causes out there we can support that help get the message out to kids that suicide isn’t the answer. The answer is to live and enjoy life. The best revenge against bullies is to go on and have a good life.

One blogger is looking for 500 comments on her blog…and she’ll donate a dollar for each comment up to $500 to two worthy projects. Here’s the information on her campaign:

Please help GLBTTQ youth by stopping by KatieBabs’ blog. For every comment
left, Katie is donating a dollar to the Matthew Shepard Foundation and to
The Trevor Project. Let’s help her raise 500 dollars for two desperately
needed organizations.

Also, as is mentioned in the above blog post, Dan Savage has started the ‘It Gets Better’ Project. Where LGBT adults can post their own videos on youtube about how bully affected them and how their lives are better now.

To Write Love on Her Arm is another such cause to help people find other alternatives besides suicide, addiction, and self-harm.

Please if you get a chance today, go check out these sites. Because we’re all in this together. When one teenager (or adult for that matter) kills themselves, we are that much less.