Pursuing Hope

Pursuing Hope

Featherweight Press
F/F Young Adult Contemporary

Discovering the girl of my dreams is as easy as running into her at the store, but finding her again turns out to be harder than I thought.

Hi, my name’s Pam. I’m a lesbian, and I have a problem. I’ve been lucky because there wasn’t a lot of drama when I came out to my family.No, my problem isn’t my family, or even school. At the moment, my biggest problem is finding a date for prom. Just as I’m about to give up on finding the right girl, I run into her at the store.Now all my dreams of having the most awesome prom night ever depends on my pursuing Hope, and convincing her to come with me.

I sighed as I climbed into my car and drove to the store. The guys had been kidding, but at times, it did feel like I was older than all of my friends. As I wandered up and down the aisles, I grabbed the ingredients I needed, but my thoughts kept circling back to being older than the other kids in my school.

Being distracted caused me to run into someone standing in front of the vegetable table.

“Oh excuse me.” I grabbed the slender arm of the girl I bumped to keep her from falling over. “I should have been paying attention to what I was doing.”

Big green eyes met mine and my stomach fluttered like butterflies were battling each other to get out. I’d always wondered what people were talking about when they mentioned love at first sight. Suddenly I understood because the moment she looked at me and smiled, my heart literally skipped a beat and I wanted to hand it to her.

“No problem. I probably shouldn’t have been staring at the strawberries quite so intently.”

Her voice held a hint of an accent like she came from somewhere far more exotic than my Mid-western town. She looked to be around my age, with fair skin and her hair was a rich red, not orange color or a fake tint out of a bottle. My fingers itched to touch it, but I removed my hand from her arm, not wanting her to get creeped out by me.

I glanced at the fruit in question. “They’re good-looking strawberries, but I have to ask, do they not have them where you’re from?”

She laughed, and I swore it sounded like angels singing. At that thought, I gave myself a mental slap. Okay, she was probably the prettiest girl I’d seen in a long time. Hilary didn’t count because she was my best friend. The girl’s beauty didn’t give me the right to turn into a total sap, when I’d never been that way before.

“Oh yes, we have them where I’m from, I happened to be thinking about something else.” She turned to face me. “My name is Hope.”

“I’m Pam. It’s nice to meet you.” I studied her face. “You’re new around here, aren’t you? Which high school do you go to?”

Before Hope could answer me, a man my dad’s age strolled up to us.

“Are you ready to go, Hope?”

He nodded at me, and I smiled. Hope obviously took after her father in the looks department.

“Yes, Papa. It was nice meeting you, Pam. Maybe we’ll run into each other again.”

She gave me a little wave before she walked off with her dad. I finished gathering the items I needed for dinner and headed home, all the time wondering if I’d ever see Hope again.