Los Angeles

Fallen 6
Angels & Demons Paranormal
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This is book six in the Fallen series.

Nevan Largent has always known angels exist. He just never expected to fall in love with one.

Nevan Largent moves to Los Angeles to get away from the fallen angels he dealt with in Chicago. With his ability to see ghosts and the fact that his cousin has been murdered, Nevan’s life is complicated. Then a blind fallen angel joins the investigation, and he’s sure he’s cursed.

Cassandra Harmen has been blind for centuries, which has given her time to hone her other senses and skills. When she’s asked to consult on a murder case, she meets Nevan Largent. In all her years, she never thought she’d meet a man who teaches her that while she might not be able to see images, she can still see into people’s souls.

Now they have to struggle with love, druid priests and one annoying fallen angel, but their love is strong enough to survive anything…except maybe the fallen angel.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of torture.


“God works in mysterious ways,” Cassandra murmured as she stepped out from the back of her car.

“Ma’am?” The young uniformed officer sounded like he wasn’t sure how to answer her. Tommy had sent him to meet her when she arrived and she was pretty sure he hadn’t explained to the man why she needed a driver.

“Nothing.” She smiled at him while standing just outside the crime scene. She waited for Kaiser to join her before moving in the direction of all the noise. “Where do you think Tommy is?”

There was no answer. Of course there wouldn’t be. Kaiser was an amazing Seeing Eye Dog, but he couldn’t talk. Though he did know Tommy, and he’d take her to him if he could find him. As she approached, the din separated into individual sounds. Some of which she recognised and some she didn’t.

“You’re not allowed in there.” A voice as smooth as the finest brandy filled her ear and a shiver raced down Cassandra’s spine to rest in the pit of her stomach. “It’s an active crime scene. We can’t have you or your dog contaminating it.”

She tilted her head up, knowing from the direction of his words that he was taller than her. The clipped tones said he was ticked off about something. Also, the looming darkness she sensed radiating off him.

“I’d like to talk to Detective Davidson.”

“He’s in the middle of a case. Call him later at the station.” He moved away from her.

He had dismissed her and anger surged inside her. Was it because she was a woman or because she was blind? Cassandra would’ve loved to read his mind, but she tried to stay away from that trap. After reaching into her pocket, she pulled out her phone.

She hit the button and heard, “Hello, Cassandra.”

“Call Tommy,” she spoke clearly.

“Davidson.” Tommy’s high-pitched voice squeaked in her ear.

“Hey. I’m outside. One of your guys wouldn’t let me in.” She gave a little tug on Kaiser’s harness and he led her away from the group to a quiet place where she wouldn’t bother anyone.

“What’d he look like?”

She smiled—the fact she couldn’t see never stopped Tommy from treating her like a normal person. “He was tall. His voice was smooth, but he didn’t feel happy to me. Plus he’s from Chicago.”

“Must have been my new partner. Largent worked homicide in Chicago for a while. Got shot and decided to move out West. The Sheriff hired him last week. I’ll send Johnson out for you.”

“Thanks.” Cassandra dropped the phone in her pocket. So he had been injured. That would explain the hint of pain she’d heard hidden in his voice.

Kaiser whined and she knelt to wrap her arms around the large Rhodesian Ridgeback. “Sorry, old man. You can’t come in with me. All your dog hair will contaminate the scene. We don’t want the new detective hunting us down. Take me back to the police car.”

They returned to the car then she opened the back door for Kaiser to jump in. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Miss Harmen,” a hesitant voice came from behind her.

Johnson had being standing there for a few minutes. She’d sensed his presence as he walked up. “Yes, Officer Johnson?”

“I’m supposed to escort you to Detective Davidson.”

“I’ll need to take your arm, Officer. My guide dog can’t go in.” She reached out and he threaded her arm through his.

His emotions bombarded her. He was nervous about her, having heard the rumours going around the station. A lot of the deputies didn’t know how she solved the cases she worked on. Most of them assumed she had some connection to the criminal underground and that’s where she got her information.

Cassandra smiled. If any of them knew the truth, they’d probably lock her up as delusional. Being a fallen angel was bad enough, but being blind as well had become overwhelming after centuries. She used to be able to see then she’d been injured in the seventeen hundreds, and for some reason, her healing ability had deserted her.