Hearts Afire January

Hearts Afire January

Liquid Silver Books

Ignite – By Bonnie Dee

Fireman. Firestarter. When the two come together, their world ignites!

Pete Santori is a New York City fireman who is committed to his job and doesn’t take any time for personal relationships. That all changes one night when he saves a man from a fire that the victim appears to have started. As the man in his arms makes a confession, a strange connection passes between them.

Alan Delaine is a firestarter, not an arsonist. He manifests powerful energy when he experiences strong emotion and things in his vicinity ignite. He’s been held captive in an unidentified facility, where he was tested physically and psychologically. When he meets Pete, he’s been living on the run after escaping the lab.

As the two men come together, each has qualities the other needs. Physical attraction grows into something deeper. When the pair is kidnapped, can they make it out alive and build a future in which Alan can live a normal life?

Contains: M/M, GLBT

Where The Devil Dances – By T. A. Chase

Scars aren’t always on the outside. Architect Eric Sandel is living proof. He moves to Morley after surviving a terrible fire in order to rebuild his life and hopes designing the new Opera House will help him bury the past.

Firefighter David Browdie hasn’t had time for serious relationships; his “on call” status tends to leave relationships in the dust. When he meets Eric at the neighborhood dog park, sparks fly and he thinks maybe this time, serious will win after all.

But a demon from Eric’s past haunts him. David and Eric must work together to find a way to stop the madman before they all go up in flames.

Contains: m/m love, dangerous obsessions and cute dogs.