The Beasor Chronicles

Steril runs away from his home universe of Beasor to Earth, and ends up finding love where he least expected it.

Steril is a Thief, and, as such, he’s being trained to learn how to steal from people. For most Thieves, it doesn’t matter whether they’re stealing an object, or a person’s very identity or soul. For Steril, he hates having this power and longs to be normal like his friend, Alden.

Finally, he can’t deal with the pressure anymore, and he runs from Beasor to Earth, hoping to find peace and a new life there. What he finds is something entirely different.

Lao Yung comes from a very rich Chinese-American family, but he’s not interested in adding more money to the family coffers. He wants to help those less fortunate, and it’s during one of those humanitarian charity runs that Lao and Steril cross paths.

As Lao begins his careful seduction of Steril, he senses there is something different about the quiet stock boy, and his curiosity draws him deeper into Steril’s life. When Steril’s past comes looking for him, Lao finds himself caught in a deadly game, and it’s up to Steril and his friends to save Lao from the madman who will do anything to control Steril’s power.